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Photoset for decor: inspirational compositions (20 photos)

Without fences in the garden or in the country can not do. Unfortunately, their appearance is often far from ideal. Even quite aesthetic and neat fences can become boring, and tall and massive fences create a feeling of confined space and gloom. The photoset for a decor is a new product with which far not all summer residents managed to get acquainted.

Meet the new decor

Photocell is made of reinforced PVC, characterized by a lattice structure. The standard mesh size is 1 mm.

The image, despite the porosity of the canvas, remains extremely clear and bright. The main task pursued by the creators of such decorative paintings is to eliminate the material's sail area, minimizing the risk of wind loads, while creating a truly durable and comfortable product in operation. A well-thought grid structure should help avoid the greenhouse effect.

This means that the material that is coated with a photoset if desired will not suffer from the increased humidity leading to corrosion, the development of mold, fungi and putrefactive formations. Bright PVC canvases can be used to decorate fences from:

  • Reinforced concrete;
  • Professional metal sheets;
  • Wood;
  • Chain-link nets;
  • Sheet metal.

The grid is quite light and plastic, so it will not cause any inconvenience during installation. This decor is really used for the refinement of complex fences and massive structures.

Use cases

The photo grid is successfully used to ennoble the space in various formats. In order for the decor to look appropriate and aesthetically pleasing, it is important to choose the right design of the canvas, taking into account the features of the backyard plot, the presence of landscape design, as well as the fences themselves or objects that need to be camouflaged.

With the help of a photo grid you can experiment with the following elements:

  • Deaf walls of household and residential buildings (this also applies to the facades of neighboring buildings, which are directly connected to the backyard plot);
  • Terraces, verandas, greenhouses and greenhouses, the appearance of which is unsightly or even repulsive;
  • Balconies, pergolas, loggias;
  • Refinement of the territory adjacent to the pool, shelter of the “water point” itself or zoning of this area for recreation;
  • Any surface and unsightly areas that are best hidden behind a colored canvas.

For a successful decoration, it is important to think up the design, as well as to take clear measurements. It is noteworthy that the drawing can be applied both on one side of the canvas, and on both. If this is a simple masking of the facade, one-sided decor will do. When fencing from neighbors, it is better to choose a two-sided grid format. In this case, a spectacular pattern will be visible not only to the owners, but also to all neighbors or simple passersby.

Features of the use of mesh for decoration

Modern products made of PVC are very popular. Really simple cheap material allows you to create a variety of products that have impressive performance.

According to the manufacturers of the product, the grid will last at least 5 years. Quality products are not prone to deformation and fading bright pictures. However, you should not forget about intentional or unintentional vandalism.

You can accidentally damage the canvas yourself, only by doing some work near the fences or becoming a victim of hooligan experiments by passers-by who have decided to test outlandish novelty for strength. This nuance is also important to take into account when planning a large-scale dacha.

The merits of a new decorative element

Under the hot sun, the image on the grid will not suffer, the pattern remains bright and clear for a long time. Quality material is not subject to the negative effects of high or low temperatures.

The special structure makes it possible to guarantee absolutely any area proper breathability and insolation. A certain airiness and lightness of the PVC grid will allow you to get rid of the feeling of cluttering or gloominess on the site.

Another important factor is the safety of PVC. Quality samples do not emit any toxic substances, heated by the rays of the sun. Experts attribute modern PVC to environmentally friendly materials.

In addition, the products are relatively inexpensive (even the most impeccable quality and with exclusive decor). If necessary or just want to experiment with a new design, you can always remove the old canvas and install a new photoset.

Unlimited decorating possibilities

Particular attention should be focused on the drawing of the grid. Subject can be any. Today it is possible to purchase goods in finished form or under the order, demanding to put an exclusive pattern on PVC-fabric.

To the quality of the photo put forward special requirements. Pay attention to the format, clarity, color palette. Many companies offer to create an individual layout, taking into account the characteristics of the customer's yard. For example, besides the usual fence, it is planned to decorate the gate, wicket, “deaf” part of the garage, to zone the space between the green zone, the courtyard and the courtyard opposite the house itself.

Floral motifs and landscapes - the most popular option decor. Here are just a few interesting ideas:

  • Imitation of wooden or brickwork, which is decorated with hanging flowerpots with flowers, twisted roses or creepers, bushes of other colors;
  • Beautiful views of the valley, flooded with sunlight, mountains or even the sea;
  • Forest thickening in the rays of the sun;
  • Installation on a historical theme, conveying the atmosphere of a medieval courtyard;
  • Images of animals (horses standing peacefully in a stall or beautiful dogs located under the shade of emerald trees);
  • Surreal motifs that will fit into a complex landscape design.

A neutral canvas, devoid of bright accents, usually allows you to create interesting elements of landscape design. Spectacular flower beds, alpine slides, fountains or pools will overwhelm against the backdrop of such a concise canvas more subtle and expressive.

About care

Special care during the operation of the photoset is not required. It is possible to freshen a cloth by means of usual water from the crane. If the pollution is of a specific nature, non-abrasive household chemicals are allowed. Like all PVC products, the mesh cleans well.

Fences endure any temperature conditions and weather conditions. The grid is not afraid of either long periods of off-season, characterized by special dampness, nor a cold winter, accompanied by icing and long snowfalls, nor a hot summer, when the scorching sun "steals" the color of all bright objects on the street.

Photoset for a decor is an excellent option for experiments on your personal plot. Simple installation and affordable price allow absolutely anyone to use the new option to ennoble the space, fully appreciating the advantages and features of this PVC grid.