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Wardrobe in the hallway - maximum comfort in the minimum area (123 photos)

In the hallway usually spend little time. However, even its modest parameters should not interfere with creating a harmonious atmosphere and design of a stylish interior. Choosing the situation for the hallway, first of all they start from the dimensions of the room. For a room of a modest size, it is recommended to look after individual pieces of furniture, and in spacious halls you can pick up modular kits. A traditional set of furniture: a wardrobe in the hallway, a chest of drawers, a stool or a padded stool.

Basic requirements for cabinets:

  • reliability - as the furniture is constantly used, not only by the owners, but also by the guests. All structural elements must be designed for long-term, safe operation;
  • functionality - use separate shelves, devices should be comfortable and convenient. Cabinets should be designed in such a way that access to any shelves is easy;
  • ergonomics - products take up little space, allow you to quickly hang / remove clothes.

Manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of furniture. For a square hallway, it is easy to choose a suitable factory model, and you can order any door trim. If the room has a non-standard form (a strongly elongated corridor, many doors come out to the hall) or compact parameters, then you will have to order an individual model.

Sliding wardrobe: versions, short description

This furniture for the hallway has already become the most popular, since inside the cabinets there are convenient places for storing clothes, shoes and hats. Thanks to sliding doors, such constructions are excellent options for small spaces, since no additional space is required for opening the valves. Models are built-in or case. The most convenient is the hall with a wardrobe, placed in a niche. If to issue doors in tone of walls, then the case will become almost invisible.

The variety of ideas wardrobes in the hallway caused by a large number of design options for door leaves. Most often, the products are equipped with two or three canvases, which are moved left and right with the help of special rollers. If the mirror cabinet in the hallway is made to order, then it is not recommended to install doors wider than 1 meter, since it will be difficult to move, and accessories can quickly break.

Different materials are used for decorating doors fronts for wardrobes: mirrors, stained glass, frosted glass, plastic, wood. The decoration of the leaves is not only an important element of the interior, but can also visually change the geometry of the space. Mirrored wardrobe in the hall visually expands the space, adds light to the room.

The design of the wardrobe in the hallway should correspond to the interior of the room, so the original models made of wood or materials imitating a wooden texture (wenge, oak) perfectly fit into the minimalist style. The wardrobe with a mirror in the hall in high-tech style is made mainly of MDF and stands out with smooth shiny surfaces. When choosing a shade of furniture, preference is given to white, black, gray tones.

Cabinet depth of 60 cm is considered standard (based on the width of the hanger for clothes). However, for small rooms, you can order a wardrobe in the hall 40 cm deep, just a bar for things you need to install transverse, not longitudinal. Depending on the shape and size of the room, you can place designs of different types.

Corner construction

Often in a small hallway with a narrow corridor can not put the usual furniture. An excellent solution to the problem is a corner cabinet in the hallway. At the same time, the "dead" corner zone is activated and more free space remains in the room. You can install different forms of corner cabinet in the hallway.

  • L-shaped - the model consists of several tightly connected cabinets, has side walls and a ceiling. Cabinets can be located symmetrically with respect to the angle or have different lengths. A great idea is a corner entrance hall with a wardrobe divided into two zones: one is equipped with open shelves, coat hooks, a soft seat, and the second is covered with facades.
  • The triangular corner wardrobe in the hallway in some way resembles a built-in design, since it has no side walls.
  • Trapezoidal - resembles an angular model of furniture, but on the sides there are additionally placed open shelves.

A distinctive feature of corner models - the doors can be of different shapes: straight, concave, convex. Corner corner cabinet looks original and contributes to the rational use of room space. For small rooms, it is advisable to choose canvases concave inside the cabinet, and in spacious hallways, convex shutters will significantly increase the area of ​​the cabinet.

Built-in models

Such products are arranged in niches or embedded in the wall, in the corners. Built-in closet in the hallway has no side walls, roof, and therefore in material terms is very beneficial. Such furniture leaves a maximum of free space in the room, which is important for hallways of a compact size. The spaciousness of the cabinet is determined by the size of the niche, and the number and location of the shelves is chosen individually.

Body products

Such models have walls, roof and floor. A narrow wardrobe in the hallway of a small area will be the best choice. The special advantage of such items - they are easy to rearrange. Hallways in the hallway with a closet is better to choose modular. In this case, you can purchase a minimum of other furniture and arrange everything harmoniously in the room.

Wardrobe in the hall

Such ordinary models fit perfectly into the interiors of different styles. A bright classic wardrobe in the hallway, made of wood, will complement the Scandinavian-style decor or Provence.

To make furniture comfortable to use, it is recommended to install narrow products with narrow doors. Such products, such as canisters, take up little space, are easily rearranged, and can be installed in a corner or just against a wall.

Internal filling

It is the arrangement of the cabinet that determines its functionality, so when choosing shelves and compartments, it is necessary to clearly represent the list of things that will be stored in it. The wardrobe in a small hallway usually has a standard set of fastening systems:

  • open shelves up to 32 cm;
  • drawers / baskets;
  • rods for outerwear located at an accessible height or pantographs for conveniently hanging things placed at the top;
  • sliding shelves for shoes;
  • hangers for scarves.

It makes sense to install wardrobes with a mezzanine in the hallway for storing things that are rarely used or for folding off-season clothes.

To choose the right modern wardrobe, it is necessary to take into account the needs of the family and the parameters of the hallway.