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Hooks for the bathroom: miniature style accents (28 photos)

A bathroom is a place where small accessories play an important role. All kinds of velcro, hooks, suspenders on suckers, holders for washcloths, hangers and other devices will help to properly manage the free space, properly organize bath accessories, and sometimes even effectively decorate the room.

Why hooks are needed

Hooks - standard fasteners for a wide variety of accessories. Depending on the type, shape, size and configuration, such elements can solve problems with the organization and large heavy things and very tiny, but important accessories.

On such holders it is convenient to hang:

  • Towels;
  • Napkins;
  • Bathrobe or other clothing;
  • Mobile makeup;
  • Tara with cotton pads or chopsticks;
  • Electric shaver;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Supplies for cleaning indoors.

No matter how functional and ergonomic the shelves in the bathroom, at least a few hooks still have to be installed. Even if bathing accessories are not stored a priori in the bathroom, a hanger is always needed right at the time of taking a shower or carrying out other hygiene procedures.

Types of towel holders

Most often, the hook system is installed specifically for towels and bathrobes. Over time, manufacturers began to offer products that are much more complex in appearance and configuration, which they began to call towel rails. There are both wall and floor designs.

Hooks for the bathroom will be useful in any case. For example, if there is very little working space, mounting the shelves (even the most compact ones) does not work out in any way, additional fixation points of objects are simply necessary. These bathroom accessories are divided into several types:

  • Hooks and hangers are standard;
  • Rings;
  • Crossbeams;
  • Swivel crossbeams (often complement the complex design of the wall shelf);
  • Hangers for the bathroom, consisting of several types of mechanisms.

In the room can be located several types of such devices. The main condition: the accessories should systematize things in the bathroom, harmonize the environment, and not create feelings of clutter.

Standard hooks

Single hook - this is the easiest and most affordable option that is useful in any bathroom. However, after a while, towels hanged on such a device can form ugly folds. Especially if the material from which the accessories are made is of natural origin.

Often, manufacturers of such devices are equipped with convenient additions. For example, the hook on the suction cups can be easily installed independently, and if necessary, it is easy to change the location of the accessory.

One or two hooks can be placed in the corner between the cabinets, as well as on the wall where the shelves form free space. If circumstances force you to mount up to a dozen hooks with or without suction cups, it is much more convenient to use stationary, but more comfortable suckers.

Rings and half rings

Rings or half rings - more modern and stylish option. The main advantage of such devices is that things will not slip and fall to the floor, as can happen with hooks. However, dry and taken the folds of towels in the same way as with the hook system.

In some models, a fragment of a circle is missing, forming semirings. Of these holders is much more convenient to remove the towel. The accessory, by virtue of its specific geometric shape, is tried to be located extremely close to the wall so that the attribute does not take up too much free space.


Such devices can solve the problem with crumpled towels. They are placed on the wall. Sometimes they connect the rear surfaces of the shelf and walls or parts of two cabinets. The crossbar is placed close to the wall.

If the height of the room allows, you can mount several devices at once. It is also important that the width of the crossbar is not less than the width of the towels used by households. Otherwise, hated folds will also form.

Key aspects of the choice of accessories

Choosing hooks for curtains in the bathroom or shelf for towels is not as easy as it seems at first glance. In fact, any hanger or accessory for hanging clothes should be selected taking into account the following nuances:

  • The size of the bathroom;
  • The overall design of the room;
  • The presence of other small items;
  • Color design;
  • How many people live in the house, as well as their habits;
  • The principles of organizing the space that was used in the room earlier.

It is worth considering how many towels will be used at one time, and how many will be stored as a backup option. It is important not to forget about the size of these things. In a house where a large family lives, there should be one large shelf for towels, as well as several hooks where each family member can hang their own individual towel. Towel holder located near the shower or bath. One such device is enough.

If the bathroom is very small, as is often the case, there is almost no use of a wall-mounted wardrobe or shelves for storing bath accessories. In this case, it is much more convenient to choose a wall holder with a complex structure that will allow to place all the necessary accessories in the room.

Functionality and safety

No matter how beautiful and stylish a shelf for towels or a towel holder, such things, first of all, should be practical and safe. Products should be smooth, without burrs and damage.

When buying, you should pay attention to whether there are cracks or chips on the surface. Beautiful hooks on suckers from any mother in a wet bathroom are risking quickly
lose its appeal.

It is better not to purchase models with sharp corners or elements that may carry any danger. Also, for safety and practicality, preference should be given only to reliable quality fittings.

An important role is played by the appearance of products. Even small hooks can change the look of a room, which is to say about such a catchy element as a towel rack or linen closet.

Wooden accessories

A double or single hook, made of wood, as well as a shelf for towels, can be a real work of art. However, it is not enough to give a wooden form effective form. A tree, no matter how expensive it is, is always defenseless against moisture. That is why all elements must be carefully treated to protect against moisture and high temperatures.

Carefully painted lacquered hooks and shelves will last a really long time. Poor-quality products, in the production technology of which significant mistakes were made, quickly deform, dry up or begin to rot.


A miniature double hook made of plastic with suction cups is an ideal budget option for small bathrooms. This is a fairly practical option. Plastic products are not afraid of moisture, high temperature, exposure to household chemicals.

Such material is strong enough to withstand one large bath towel, even heavily saturated with moisture. Over time, the hooks and holders will not change color, will not crack or deform.


Metal hooks are made of stainless alloys, which allows to provide flawless performance characteristics. Products treated with special compounds, are really long, do not rust, retain a luxurious appearance.

In addition, it is metal accessories that can be styled as antique or any other elite design. For example, an expensive rococo bathroom or a classic will add bronze elements. If bronze gives the room a vintage charm, then chrome-plated products will highlight the progressive interior of hi-tech, modern, techno.

When choosing such important bathroom accessories, it is always very important to focus on the quality of these attributes. Let them be completely invisible and simple, but always reliable and in demand.