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Interesting styles of one-bedroom apartments: the best options (120 photos)

The styles of one-room apartments differ primarily in thoughtful design, because in the first place in rooms with limited space is, of course, the comfort of residents.

Even if there are no ideas about a particular style, you can make mistakes in the space planning itself:

  • No zoning. Studio apartment is distinguished primarily by the fact that it needs zoning in the same way as no other room. If you forget about it, do not select the room stylistically, it will look like a room in a hostel in which people live who are passing through.
  • Invalid zoning. To break zones indoors as logically as possible is the main task in the design of an apartment studio. Otherwise, it will look strange, almost absurd. So, to set the bed close to the door is not an original decision, but an incorrect zoning, since it gets in the way of everyone who enters and presents the most intimate look. It is also not original to arrange the bed next to the kitchen, but it is illogical - lying in bed, you hardly want to watch someone cook, and bed linen can be soiled with fat.
  • Lack of thoughtful lighting. Lighting in a small apartment not only has a purely practical meaning, but also influences the perception of space. Light is the most powerful selection tool. One lamp will smear zoning efforts, nullify them.
  • Lack of functionality. Bulky antique tables and chairs, pompous sofas from the Baroque or Renaissance in a small apartment will not make the impression that they should. Instead of looking solemn, a little theaterlike, returning anyone who has entered the atmosphere of past centuries, they will seem corny too uncomfortable, too big too pretentious. In a small apartment, functionality should be paramount - each centimeter should be used wisely, each piece of furniture should bear first and foremost practical sense.
  • Lack of use of the upper part of the space. Studio apartments often have high ceilings, but they forget about it when they decorate the floor and furniture on it. Shelves can also be an excellent solution to problems with storage space.

All styles that are used to design one-bedroom apartments everywhere rely on functionality, on the rational use of space, and only last of all on beauty - although, of course, it should not be completely forgotten.

Features modern style loft

Studio apartment in the loft style is a solution that has long become a kind of modern classic. The style was born in the forties of the twentieth century in America, when former factories and plants began to be actively adapted for housing. What was a designer’s nightmare has become fashionable over time. The room should be:

  • High If the ceiling is pumped up and the apartment does not seem spacious and echoing, you can always go along the standard path and paint the floor a dark color, and the walls and the ceiling light. This will visually make the apartment more spacious.
  • Open No partitions interior design studio apartment in the loft style does not like. Only the bathroom is fenced off; otherwise, there is a lack of screens, curtains, and other tricks in an attempt to divide the apartment.
  • With brick walls. You can put real bricks, you can use tiles, you can even glue wallpaper with a pattern.
  • With floors covered with concrete. If you do not like the concrete, you can put a plain dark laminate.
  • With beamed ceiling. If the beams do not work - they reduce and so small height, you can simply paint it in white.

The main range should contain white, gray, terracotta color.

Design design may be as follows:

  • furniture - metal shelving, office chairs, leather sofas;
  • the aisles between the furniture are wide, generally more free space;
  • lighting - whenever possible bright, lamps in industrial style, rolled curtains;
  • accessories - really bright, playing the role of original spots: graffiti, posters with musical groups, reproductions of paintings by modern artists, you can even signs.

Loft is well suited to those who love the modern in styles, loves more free space, light and as few things as possible.

Scandinavian style in urban apartments

Studio apartment in the Scandinavian style - a focus of reliability, good quality and simplicity. It also means a lot of empty space (like most options for one-bedroom apartments). The room should be:

  • Open Ideal for a studio apartment - there should only be a bathroom.
  • Finished with natural materials. The tree is the best. You can use a stone. Tiles, parquet, laminate flooring, walls lined with clapboard or tiled with natural stone.
  • Maximum light, so the apartment should have large windows with wooden frames or without curtains in general, or with curtains that can be easily opened and moved apart.

The Scandinavian style in the interior of a one-room apartment implies the prevalence of white. Everything should be decorated in bright colors, only light wood is allowed, both in natural wood color and painted in white (or specially selected varieties with the most light wood).

Design should be as follows:

  • functional furniture is also white, preferably from natural materials, or at least decorated with them, striped print is also allowed in light colors - gray, blue, beige fit well;
  • accessories - mirrors, porcelain, family photos, all decorated in natural materials and, preferably, combined with marine themes.

The area of ​​the apartment should look as a result of more than it actually is. There may not be a minimum amount of furniture, but using it too much and filling in space is a bad idea.

Minimalism and practical arrangement of space

Studio apartment in the style of minimalism - the glorification of functionality and space. At the forefront is the comfort of living and the most rational use of the space of the apartment. The room should be:

  • Open Partitions should not be, but here the size of the apartment can be any. Minimalism looks equally good in a tiny apartment at twenty meters, and in a spacious at forty-five. She does not need to be tall either.
  • Trimmed with the most convenient care materials. The walls are painted with washable paint or laid out with bricks, the ceiling is painted, a laminate floor is laid on the floor, which is enough, if anything, just to wipe.

The design of a one-room apartment in the style of minimalism implies that the main color is white (the maximum allowable are pastel and beige shades). Allowed to highlight one of the walls, painting it in a bright warm color, but you can do without it. In total, the room should be no more than five colors - in everything, from the decoration of the walls and the floor, ending with a print on textiles.

The design should be as follows:

  • furniture is best functional transformers, and as little as possible, without smooth lines, with sharp edges;
  • lighting - daytime maximum admit, the windows are large, artificial lamps of simple geometric shapes, but better built into the ceiling;
  • accessories - at least, you can do without them at all.

Minimalism does not allow any trinkets. Any thing should have an appointment, accessories should have one. If it is a vase, then there are flowers in it. If it is a frame, a picture of a family member is inserted into it. If this is a book, then it is often read.

Studio studio in the style of minimalism should ideally be furnished with a sofa that turns into a table, a wardrobe that fits everything, and a bar where you can cook, dine and store spices.

But each design, of course, allows for variations and specific solutions.

Comfort and comfort in high-tech style

One-room apartment in high-tech style is another hymn of functionality, which is sung in an entourage similar to the interior of a spacecraft. Translated from the English "high-tech" means "high technology", because the apartment must be furnished with the latest technology.

The room should be:

  • Optional open. Hi-tech allows partitions, if they are made of metal and glass. Also, the size of the apartment can be any.
  • Decorated in materials that are easy to wash and clean. Bulk concrete floors or laminate. The walls are painted in one color or imitate brickwork.

One-room apartment in this style can be made in contrasting colors - black, white, metal.

The design should be as follows:

  • furniture - cabinet, rigid, from metal with glass inserts;
  • lighting - built into the floor, ceiling, walls, roller blinds are used instead of curtains;
  • accessories - either completely absent, or reduced to a mirror and a flower in a pot.

The main feature of the style is the most modern technology. It is better to install a large plasma panel, equip the kitchen with the first word of technology with a combine, coffee maker, microwave, sandwich maker and hundreds of other useful things, in the bathroom to put a shower with an adjustment panel. The main thing is to make the result look fantastic, almost like from a movie about the future.

Interestingly, high-tech may include not the most functional design items, if they look technologically. For example, a round metal door, similar to the entrance to a spaceship, will fit well into hi-tech. And there is a holographic projector in it that can create the illusion of a starry sky in the room.

Mysterious and philosophical Japanese style

One-room apartment in the Japanese style is a phenomenon that is quite common in Europe, despite the different natural conditions. Well suited to people who love openness and cleanliness, admire Oriental philosophy, are interested in Asian cuisine, learn languages.

The room should be:

  • Open It does not mean special partitions, but they can also be arranged with a screen. Well suited even for a large one-room apartment 42 m, 45 and more. Although the small will look good.
  • Well lit. The lighting should be natural, the windows are large, ideally - panoramic.

In the traditional classical Japanese style studio apartment should be decorated in the most natural colors - white, pastel shades, the color of natural wood.

The design should include the following:

  • furniture - in a one-room apartment in the Japanese style, low, most functional, it is supposed to sit on the floor, sleep, too, cabinets and shelves are neatly hidden in the walls;
  • natural light is the brightest, artificial light is muted by the screens and shades of red or orange color;
  • accessories - a few, in Asian style, such as bonsai, statuette of Buddha or monkey "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

For Japanese style, there are three motives that are rare in European interiors. It:

  • Screens Paper or bamboo with traditional drawings - the same bamboo, dancing cranes, wise men, meditating or performing peculiar feats. With the help of screens, you can zone a room (and zones can be changed at will or strictly limited to a specific point in time), you can hide some things from guests. You can even replace traditional curtains with curtains.
  • Sliding doors. They are made of paper, bamboo, thin sheets of wood and are used everywhere. Their main advantage is that for planning a one-room apartment in a modern style, they allow the most efficient use of space. The door that opens to the entrance, takes a place that can not be occupied with anything, so that it can open. The traditional Japanese door is pushed aside, without taking up space at all.
  • Hieroglyphs. They can decorate screens and lampshades, they can paint the sliding doors, even hang them on the walls on small plates. The main thing is to decorate the house with another hieroglyph, to know its meaning. Otherwise, instead of the wishes of happiness on the wall may be something completely different.

The design of a one-room apartment in the classical style of Japan implies that you will have to sleep on the floor - on futon mattresses.

Provence style for romantic natures

Studio apartment in the style of Provence is characterized by simplicity and special airiness, which is generally characterized by interiors originally from France. The room should be:

  • Light. The more it is - the better. If in itself it is small, you can paint it in light colors and decorate it with mirrors, good, the style allows it.
  • With a ceiling, painted or decorated with wooden beams. It is important that it appears high and light.
  • With walls covered with wallpaper or covered with decorative plaster. Wallpaper should be light shades, flowered. Decorative plaster - with wavy smooth patterns or also with a floral pattern.
  • With tiled or parquet floors. Best of all - massive board.

Finishing colors are light, light, airy, with a slant to pastel. But the furniture should be bright colors - emerald, lavender, ocher, purple. Floral prints are also suitable for her.

The design should be as follows:

  • furniture - wood or rattan, wicker or covered with fabric;
  • accessories - abundant, old crockery, textiles with floral print;
  • the lighting is rich, the curtains are light, flowered, the artificial light is top, but one or two lamps are not superfluous.

Provence - the style is bright, cheerful and romantic. Fresh flowers that can be placed on the tables, as well as a fluffy white cat will fit well into it (well, if it exists initially, it is not worth getting it specially for an apartment).

Country style in the city

A studio apartment in a country style is different from most others - it is much easier to find a studio apartment in a modern or modern style,