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American style in the interior of houses and apartments (25 photos)

American interiors - spacious and eclectic, can be an interesting solution for a modern apartment and house. This is a variety of furniture, a fusion of cultures - together giving the impression of unity.


  • Eclecticism. The cultures of the Indians, the first settlers, other nationalities and different countries, their variegated furniture intertwined in the American interior. It is because of this diversity that the classic design of American homes is so versatile.
  • Extremely rational use of the area of ​​the house. Americans are trying to be practical, and if they have free space above the dresser or in another corner of the house, they will definitely use it with benefit. Homes rarely use excess partitions. For example, the common space of a kitchen and dining room and living room is common for Americans. In our country, such a reception room expansion is also gradually being introduced into the masses.
  • Centralized arrangement of furniture. For example, Americans are trying to arrange the tables for the living room and dining rooms, as well as in the kitchen area, in the center of the room, forming a kind of island - this is an American classic. This table is easy to approach from any side. But, of course, in order to arrange the furniture in this way, we need corresponding spaces.
  • Little decor. Americans are trying to be rational, so it is unlikely in the house you will see curls, a lot of textiles and unnecessary trinkets. Even the design of the bedrooms is simple and concise.
  • The peculiarity of the American interior and room decoration - a kind of cocktails from different genres and styles. Mexico is intertwined with China, Scandinavia with Italy. And everything is harmonious, everything looks unique. This type of home interior provides a huge scope for creativity. The art of the loft, popular for home decoration in advanced New York, became the top flight of this trend.
  • The interior of American houses always gives the impression of freedom, spaciousness and lightness. The impression of spontaneity, even though it may have been carefully thought out by the best designers.
  • Comfort comes first. No American will sacrifice his pleasure for some decorative, albeit beautiful, elements.
  • The interior of the apartments is aimed at the fact that he will often see incoming guests: friends, acquaintances, relatives. Therefore, if someone has awards, cups, diplomas, in general, some beautiful things in the house - you can be sure that it will definitely be in the American house in a prominent place. For a bedroom such things are not intended. Beside them should stay and make compliments to a successful family.
  • In every American home, even the typical will necessarily be little things that reflect the individuality of the owners. Americans do not recognize any authority and stupidly follow the fashion will not. And in general, they are very self-confident, many of them consider themselves to be not worse designers than the most famous people in this field. Therefore, Americans often invent their own interiors themselves. In any case, with their own hands, the made or invented design will be a source of pride for the homeowners. Even if he just collected the furniture.
  • Furniture is usually simple lines, concise design. Housewives do not really like to walk around the house all day, wiping dust from curlicues and different shelves. The furniture of light shades is preferable, especially for bedrooms and a drawing room.
  • No sharp corners. Even the sockets and corners of the furniture in the American home are likely to be smoothed out.
  • Americans love antiques and vintage and very often finds dug up at flea ramps and garage sales, proudly adorn American living rooms. Owners often restore them - and furniture finds a second life. Everyone will admire the ability to make new things out of the old, beautiful and unique.

Ordinary house

In the average American house there will be such rooms:


The center of the house, a gathering place in the mornings and evenings of the whole family. The greatest delight of the average American housewife will cause a big kitchen. Cramped cuisine is clearly not for Americans.

American kitchen means a lot of wooden surfaces. In addition to furniture, wood is welcome in the design of the walls, floor, ceiling. The more and more natural - the better. For the living room, this design is also relevant.

American style in the interior often provides for the combination of a kitchen table with a bar counter, to which several high chairs are attached. It is convenient to sit there and chat with the hostess while she is cooking.

Living room

Guests are welcomed here, it is not customary to take off street shoes. Place in the living room is for all. The best furniture is put here in plain sight. Usually these large and comfortable rooms are always on the first floor of the house and are intended to meet friends and receive guests.

Unfamiliar people rarely pass through the American home on the front rooms.


  • All that the family is proud of will be placed in the living room. It is accepted that the guests admired and said compliments.
  • The design includes a large soft sofa and armchairs.
  • TV - an indispensable part of any American apartment, placed in the living room. This is the center of the universe for the family. In the bedrooms of children, TV is sometimes not installed at all, rightly believing that they have enough in common.
  • Most often, the living rooms of American apartments are not designed in the same style. Eclecticism in their decoration appears very clearly. At first it may seem motley and tasteless, but then the eye becomes accustomed and you realize how pleasant and comfortable you can feel in such a relaxed interior of the house.


American style in the interior implies its connection with the kitchen.

At least two bedrooms

Often these rooms are located on the second floor where the staircase leads. The design of the bedrooms is usually light and delicate.

Americans usually have one of the largest rooms in the house under the master bedroom. Attached to it most often is a separate bathroom and dressing room. Children's bedrooms - in smaller rooms, often with separate bath or shower.


  • On the floor - carpet, matched to the style of the bedroom.
  • A bed in a classic style is surely made up, on top - a lot of assorted pads.
  • Furniture - light and pleasant to the eye.
  • Large bed - the central element of the American bedroom. At its convenience and size, they will not save if the area of ​​the apartment allows. And the mattresses will get the best - modern orthopedic models.
  • The bedrooms are rarely painted in different colors; rather, only two basic soothing shades will be used there. For example, a fashionable design: a combination of beige and chocolate or mint and lemon.
  • Sconce over the bed, lamps on the bedside tables.


Americans never put a washing machine in the bathrooms, even if the area allows to place at least five of them. For such a purely functional household appliances there is a compartment in the house, and the purpose of the bathrooms - relaxation and relaxation.

  • Most often, the bathrooms are made in bright colors.
  • The floor is more often laid with marble, less often with tiles or tiles.

The area of ​​such an apartment will be pretty decent by our standards, despite the fact that by American size it is even quite small.

Decor features

  • American housewives love vases, especially large floor vases. In the winter, they can be filled with glass beautiful balls and other decorative trinkets - this design is original and looks great.
  • Fridge magnets are an indisputable sign of a real American home. If the family travels frequently, you can not even doubt - from everywhere, from any city and village they will bring in a magnetics.
  • Pictures They are chosen to your liking. Even if the style of the painting does not fit into the interior of the apartment or room, an American will still buy it, if you like. And most often they are hung out in a special way - strictly four pieces each, selecting equal in size.
  • On the chairs in the dining room and living room usually put pads with embroidery. This design gives the room comfort.
  • American interiors necessarily imply awards, souvenirs, memorabilia. The photos of the family in the beautiful frames will definitely show off in a prominent place in the living room. This is holy.
  • On the ceiling lamps are rare. More often there are fans. And lamps - on the walls, floor, bedside tables. But in the living rooms above the big table they still place a beautiful chandelier.

In general, to bring the interior of American apartments to life is quite simple, large sums and expensive furniture are not required. Simplicity and functionality, practicality and eclecticism are the main features. The design of the house also welcomes bright contrasts, especially in the living room. Do not be afraid of bright colors and non-standard solutions. Most often, they are very successful, giving the individuality of the living room and a peculiar charm.