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The design of the head of the bed (66 photos): beautiful upholstery and decorative ornaments

We go in the bedroom. Shades and colors, lighting and soft textiles, energy of two and ... Her Majesty, the bed. That bed is the main, starting, focal point in the bedroom. The style of decoration of the room begins with it and ends with it. But what can be changed in it? How to add charm and lightness, creativity and sophistication? Impossible? Everything's possible! And the design of the head of the bed fascinates, fascinates, attracts like a magnet ...

Headboard: 2 main functions

An interesting design of the head of the bed is a unique and capacious process. In order to see exactly what was meant at the beginning of decoration in the final result, it is worth considering dozens of subtleties / details / nuances. And it will be easier to do by defining the tasks with which the head of the bed copes perfectly.


  1. Decorative function. Even an old bed with a wide headboard that can be transformed with you for several years if you decorate its back with soft or hard materials. It is necessary to observe the style and harmoniously fit the headboard into the interior, “not tearing” it from the overall decoration. It should not be forgotten that any backrest can expand / narrow the space of the room, visually enlarge the ceilings. Unique and simple decorative move!
  2. Practical function. For example, a bed with a soft headboard will allow you to rely on it comfortably when reading books; The hard headboard protects the wall from rubbing, unkempt appearance over time, minor mechanical damage. You can well afford the white color of the bedroom or any pastel shade, after taking care of the headboard.

So, high-quality design of the head of the bed - it is thoughtful little things. That is, choosing the headboard to your taste, decorating a bedroom with certain materials, you should take into account:

  • own tactile sensations. The back of the bed you touch should be comfortable, gentle, pleasant and warm;
  • the overall style of the bedroom. A specific style - specific materials, color palette, the possibility / necessity of drawing or ornament;
  • lighting. The area near the bed is special, so the lighting is paid special attention here: it should be sufficient to read the press before bedtime and muffledly languid for privacy. The back of the bed can serve as a zone for built-in lamps or baby sconces, this should be considered when choosing a finish;
  • safety and convenience of a headboard. It is necessary to pay attention only to high-quality elements of fittings, safe materials, ergonomic form in case the headboard is made of solid materials. No one should get hurt about sharp corners or poorly fixed decor element. The back of the bed should lull, envelop like a cocoon;
  • criteria sound, heat insulation. In the heat the headboard should give coolness, in the winter cold - to warm. To achieve this simply by choosing natural materials for decoration;
  • the ability to care for the headboard. Just take off the cover and wash, clean the pillow in the dry-cleaner or wipe the surface with a sponge - and there is no trouble!

Headboard: pleasure from independent work, or predictability of the designer

Ordinary double beds made of chipboard, single beds from an array, other options do not differ in elegance and originality. The manufacturer offers a solid, durable and reliable option. Therefore, in order to find a bed with a high headboard or with a headboard with a carved back, for example, you should contact the designer.

But the design option is not affordable for everyone. Should I stop wishing in my bedroom a bed with a soft headboard made from eco-leather or textile? Of course not! By choosing one of the many ideas, you can turn it into reality on your own. Fantasy creative process and excellent results provided!

Headboard and original styles

A unique bed with a high headboard for Provence, eco or ethno styles is, first of all, the design of pillows or textiles. A soft headboard will accentuate the velvety and romance of the style as well as possible, will allow you to tune in to the lyrical mood and completely relax.

Backrest pillows are bright and nontrivial. Pillowcases on them should be from natural materials with floral pattern or ornament. Shades - lilac and turquoise, coral and pink, blue and terracotta. The pillows are fastened at the expense of loops or ties to the rod pre-fixed on the wall. This will not see anywhere else!

Any textile material will be suitable for natural styles of a back. The backrest can be based on chipboard, then - sealing material, the top layer is decorative. The monochrome shade will make the space go blank for a moment, will emphasize the contrast of the existing shades, and a pattern or pattern on the fabric will fill the bedroom with magic, fabulousness, ease.

Choosing a bed with a high back in one of the natural styles, you can use textile wall panels for decoration. They will give the bedroom luxury and elegance, tenderness and fragrance. A bright idea is a peculiar patchwork pattern created on a single headboard space from several pieces of panels.

When choosing materials for the back, consider the texture of the selected material. She can emphasize individual details, highlight them and fix them in consciousness or lead the eye away from some object in the room and direct it to another.

Attention: color! The choice of shade headboard - a very important point. It must be characteristic of natural styles, that is, it must be one that occurs in nature on a cloudless morning, on a hot afternoon or evening when it rains. Competently picking up the color, you can make the space of even a small bedroom more spacious, deeper and more voluminous, freer. For small rooms in which a minimum of furniture other than a double bed, pick up pastel shades, translucent fabrics, decor in the form of lace, embroidery, and possibly appliqués. Spacious sleeping rooms do not hold back your imagination!

The authenticity of country style, rustic and the like: only natural materials

Proper design of the head of the bed in one of these styles implies the choice as the basic material of wood or metal. Perhaps the design with the help of textiles, but this idea - for a more refined original styles.

A bright bed with a wrought-iron back is always attractive. Especially if the back has a non-standard form, the drawing is florid, unique and mysterious, the skill of the skilled craftsman can be seen with the naked eye. It should take into account the thickness of the metal strands and think about color. Bronze, silver and other classic shades will give a certain massiveness, solidity and monumentality of the whole bed. A bed with a forged back will become a piece of furniture that will attract the eyes of everyone who has entered the room, will give a piece of natural, inexhaustible energy.

Wooden design - dozens of options and ideas. For the rustic style, it will be quite enough to have several roughly cobbled and previously cleaned boards, for example, for others, you can use both a kind of wooden panel, battens, and carved parts / elements put together on a chipboard sheet. Special luxury is wood treated with the craquelure technique (artificial aging of furniture). Such a headboard will be a real furore, a masterpiece, which, however, does not cost anything to do on your own!

Attention: a screen and draperies! Any of the natural styles will decorate the headboard, created with a piece of fabric, draped to your own taste or a paper / textile screen. Such an idea is a kind of economy option if the soul asks for any changes, but in the near future you did not plan them. You will only need to spend money on a screen or cloth.

Modernity and classic: headboard in weaves

Styles of the interior of a modern person - the lack of decor, practicality, coldness, functionality. Therefore, a bed with a high headboard in the case of high-tech style or minimalism - is, above all, proper use of living space. And therefore - shelves and niches in black, chocolate, gray shades of fine-molded shapes. Nothing extra.

As an option - a mosaic or decorative tiles from the latest collection of the famous manufacturer. In this case, it will be possible to choose not only tiles for the back, but also pencils, borders, and panels. Bold and unusual, only for the innovator!

A nontrivial idea is a headboard, covered with leather, its eco-friendly version of a good quality substitute. It is stylish, catchy and accents attention, adding to the room charisma and sophistication. The rest is restraint and complete harmony with other pieces of furniture.

Important point or not forgetting the form

Headboard shape - matching style, taking into account the area of ​​the room. Choosing a non-standard version, considering the exotic idea, correlate them with the decoration of the bedroom and its color content, the style of other items of the bedroom set, textiles on the windows. Considering the forms inherent in a particular style, select for:

  • natural styles oval / semicircular headboard with smooth lines, without corners. It will emphasize the mood of the bedroom and connect all the pieces of furniture and interior together;
  • historical styles ornate (with monograms, for example), irregularly shaped back. She, made in silver, burgundy or gold, emphasizes the luxury of the bedroom, chic and pretentiousness, will convey the full compliance of the old era;
  • modern style headboard with clear shapes and correct lines. Such a back will give the bedroom a dynamic, creative, movement. Endless.

It remains only to say that your choice is a stationary, suspended, added headboard. Depending on preferences. The first option is a part of the bed, so in order to transform it, it is necessary to disassemble it, and then to reassemble the main subject of the bedroom set.

The added option is equal in width to the bed itself and can be not only a flat back, decorated with textiles, created from metal or wood, but also a separate, but created in the same style with a bed, piece of furniture. This may be a mirror, dresser, dresser. Hanging option - a variation on the theme “above-below”, with which you can visually adjust the size of the room. And you understand that decorating the head of the bed process is more exciting and voluminous than you thought at the very beginning.