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House or couch for a cat with their own hands (55 photos): simple ideas

Every domestic cat needs its own house. This is an individual place for recreation, shelter. A house for a cat should be its property, and only hers. That place, from where they will not drive, and where it will disappear. Your own cat's house will protect you from the fact that the animal will look for a place in the linen closet, in pillows on the bed or in the sofa. If the design provides for game elements, then they will distract the pet from the wallpaper and the trash can.

The financial side of the issue is an interesting point, because self-production is profitable. Factory options in stores are unnecessarily expensive, and making a house for a cat with your own hands is not at all difficult. Studying ready-made solutions, you can come up with a housing project, taking into account individual dimensions and features. The main thing is that the finished product is environmentally friendly, convenient and safe for the animal.

Types of houses for cats

Design is not only the design of living space for people. Pets have become family members, and an incredible amount of accessories are being developed for them. For lovers of fantasy, the design of a house for a cat is the embodiment of their ideas (for example, a wicker or knitted house), creating a part of the decor of their apartment. Having arranged a home for a pet, the owner serves several purposes:

  • aesthetics in the interior;
  • practical use;
  • environmental cleanliness (using self-selected materials);
  • financial feasibility.

Cardboard house

A cat is an animal that itself suggests ideas for organizing a home. What thing attracts their attention? Cardboard boxes. You can buy a stunning brand house, collect it, and then discover that the cat has chosen packaging. If you turn the box, make holes and fix the lounger inside, you will get the easiest cardboard house. Pet will be delighted. Cat house out of the box will save you a lot of money. The main thing that the animal was accustomed to the toilet. Otherwise, the cat house out of the box will be constantly wet. Use insulating material to keep the floor from leaking. It is important to choose boxes of thick cardboard that will stand your pet.

A dwelling can be not only a standard square shape. This is a wigwam, and a hut, and even a round house. Craftsmen create a whole maze of cardboard, stacked structures or game complexes. You can connect boxes of different sizes, taking large boxes for the base, and smaller - for platforms and levels. Come up with an interesting design using braid, ribbons, accessories. Make a cathouse out of the box in the colors of your interior.

Wicker house

The advantage of such houses is natural ventilation, an environmentally friendly material, and the possibility of using a bottom made of plastic or hardboard (such a bottom is easy to clean). Weaving is done from the rod. Such a house is strong and light. There is the possibility of creating products of any complexity. Wicker house can be in the form of a bed, or it can combine a shelter and an open area. The option of the rod is suitable for cottages or rooms in a rustic style. Also weaving is made of thin paper tubes.

Soft house for cats

This option is suitable for calm animals that need only shelter for sleeping. The fabric house is small and suitable for small apartments. This is an option for cats who love solitude (it can be put in a safe corner). Soft houses are not only beautiful, but also warm, protect from drafts and excessively bright light. Do not take for sewing synthetic winterizer. He does not hold the form, and the house will be constantly deformed.

Options for small apartments

In a small room, it is convenient to use a hammock as a cat bed. It is easy to fix on the legs of the chair. An old T-shirt or towel can be a hammock. It does not take up much space, it is convenient to clean and wash it. A hammock knitted or made from the remnants of cloth is not only a temporary solution (as long as you build the main house), but also an additional attribute for the pet's life.

As options for the house will serve as furniture. The ottoman is equipped with an entrance, and in the bedside table you can arrange both a feeding trough and a shelter by cutting the necessary holes. For two or more cats, choose a multi-level shelter house for each animal. This will help save the surrounding space.

In any room there is an empty corner into which the corner variant of the house will harmoniously fit. It does not occupy the useful space of the room, it is suitable for apartments with a small area. Corner house made of plywood or wood. It is suitable for both acute and obtuse corner of the room, because the project is created according to individual measurements of the room.

Other house options

Game complexes are suitable for large rooms. This option takes up a lot of space, but it can be combined with bookshelves. Such design know-how looks stylish and does not spoil the overall idea of ​​the interior. A tower house for the cat will help to cope with an active animal that loves to jump and climb up.

The original version is a stove bench from an old suitcase. The interior design can be varied vintage product, which is screwed legs and put inside an elegant feather bed for a cat. Owners of a private house with several floors will be suitable for dwellings embedded in the stairwell.

Features of the construction of the future house

How to start creating a home? With the design. Without a drawing it is impossible to calculate the required amount of materials. "By eye" it is not clear what size the final construction will turn out. It is necessary to think in detail about what the house will be like, what material will be suitable for its creation, whether it will fit into the atmosphere of your house.

But before you understand the intricacies of designing and creating a home, you need to make a reservation - this is not a cottage building or a residential building, it's just a house for a cat with your own hands. It does not need elite materials and overwhelming efforts, anyway, another animal will not live there. A new cat would prefer a place in the dresser rather than being in an already inhabited house.

To properly design the future home, you need to know some of the subtleties in the life of cats:

  • The size and height of the dwelling. A cat is an animal that lives in several planes. She is not only important ground cover, but the height of the home. For example, males choose their beds higher. For him, it is an opportunity to inspect the surroundings, an instinctive signal that he controls the territory. In this case, the most suitable tower cat house. For the female, height is not as important as the safety of the lair. She needs to take shelter with kittens, to save her offspring. In this case, the lounger should be located closer to the floor.
  • Physical exercise. When the cat is not sleeping, she chases something on the floor, or sharpens claws, or is looking for something to play with. If you make a house for a cat with your own hands, then consider the design so that the dwelling is equipped with a claw and a hanging toy or ball.
  • Availability of several exits. This is especially important for the female, because her maternal instinct always works towards the protection of offspring. In case of danger, she will never enter the house through the main entrance. Observe the animal how it behaves: whether it likes to search for secluded corners, to hide, or, on the contrary, to watch the world around it. This will tell you how much and what sizes there will be entrances to the house.
  • Accommodation Knowing the size of the future house, determine its location. Cats are heat-loving animals, so it is reasonable to place a home close to the battery. But you should not have a house close to the heating device in order to avoid fire and overheating of the pet. Domestic cats, like their wild counterparts, are constantly watching the situation around them. Arrange the house so that you can observe what is happening from the main entrance, or from the site.

How to make a house for a cat

At the time of drawing, consider the fact that a homemade house should be as stable as possible. Big cats require a solid home. One jump can destroy the entire structure. For the construction of the house, choose natural materials. It is very good to use second-hand things that smell like hosts. So the cat is easier to take a new home. Traditionally, houses built of wood or plywood. If cardboard is used, it is better to take the packing, gluing it in two or more layers, applying PVA glue with a fan (orienting the corrugated layers perpendicular to each other). Such a blank is quite strong. A simple house for a cat with his own hands will come up at the moment when the animal will bring posterity. After all, when the kittens grow up, they will need a more spacious dwelling, and the cardboard one will not be too sorry to be thrown away.

A solid, wooden house is built for large cats. The house can be bunk, with a shelter on the first floor, and a bed on the second. In order for the cat does not pick up splinters, wooden panels are covered with a cloth. One side of the house can be covered with old carpet - you get a scraper. Material for decoration is necessary natural, because synthetic wool from the animal will be electrified.

Cottage tower for cats is the perfect combination of shelter, stove and scratching posts. The design of this design involves a box at the base for recreation, a pillar and a platform for observation. In this case, the support of the stove bench acts as a scratching post. The pole is wrapped with jute rope, the winding is made tight and strong, partially sizing the turns. If the rope slides, hit it with a hammer.

Despite the fact that the houses made of wood are popular with the owners, as a reliable design, the cats themselves sometimes prefer soft nests. In order for such a product to keep its shape, you need to choose a dense material and sew it in several layers. Also suitable for these purposes foam. It serves as an interlayer between the main fabric and the lining. To foam does not go astray, all layers are stitched together. For easy cleaning in the house the inner layer can be made of leatherette.

A house for two or more cats is equipped with an animal hierarchy. They will not tolerate cohabitation in the same hole. Every cat will need its own personal space. If the construction is multi-tiered, then the houses are located at a different level (the cats themselves will distribute who and where will live). Also arrange several observation grounds and a through-cover.

Most importantly, do not forget to watch the cat before designing. She will give all the necessary clues with her habits and habits. Cat's house, created in accordance with the nature of the animal, will be the most attractive place for your pet. Try to make a house for the cat, even the simplest one, because they really value their personal space.