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How to hang a picture above the bed in the bedroom (57 photos)

Dressing is an integral element of the interior of any room, and the bedroom is no exception. In addition to the style and harmoniously selected wall decorations, furniture, textiles, decoration details influence the comfort of the bedroom. Quite often, paintings are used as decorations. They not only give the interior a complete look, but can also influence a positive attitude in a person’s life.

Following the ancient teachings of feng shui, the right choice and placement of objects in the house will bring harmony and good luck to its owners. To make the picture harmoniously fit into the interior of the room and fill it with positive energy, it should be hung in the right place, according to the teachings.

Rules for the selection of paintings

The picture above the bed is the surest decision to decorate the bedroom as a whole. But disturbing the selected images on the canvases can disrupt the cozy atmosphere. Before you buy and hang a picture, you should familiarize yourself with the simple rules of feng shui:

  • the canvas in question should be liked and associated with the positive;
  • images with aggressive or hostile messages have no place in the house;
  • You should not hang portraits of relatives, idols, celebrities who are no longer alive. Such a solution is more suitable for the office, but for the bedroom - taboo;
  • Abstraction is favorable for living space, but does not carry a deep semantic load. Such canvases are neutral rather than positive;
  • if the choice fell on images with different hieroglyphs, then it is worth asking about their meanings. Hanging a picture that has a secret meaning, quite a risky venture in terms of energy.

Variety of species

For decorating a room with a picture, the color palette of the canvas and the depicted plot matter. Most often used neutral options, which unobtrusively fit into the interior. The classic theme of the image is marine or floral.

On the subject there are several options for paintings that deserve special attention.

The painting is a rhyme that combines the colors that prevail in the interior. This is a fairly successful technique in which the painting on the wall serves in a sense as a link between other elements of the decor: curtains, carpets, and bedspreads. The wall above the headboard in this case does not look empty and at the same time, the overall design of the room looks calm and unobtrusive.

Paintings - style, which are selected with an emphasis on the style of the room. They are not only harmonious with the overall interior, but also complement it, emphasize the chosen theme. Here not only the image plays an important role, but also its framing. For example, in a bedroom with classic furnishings, a frame made of metal or plastic will make disharmony, while ideally fit into a modern interior.

Painting is a topic that is used to determine the theme of the interior room. For example, the image of a yacht, coast, inhabitants of water spaces will become the basis for the maritime style. The landscape on the wall with lavender meadows in white rim will give rise to the style of Provence. Wild animals in the open spaces of savanna will come across the idea of ​​African style. Hang such images to give the room the appropriate direction, which will be complemented by other elements of decor.

The picture is an accent; by placing it at the head of the bed you can draw attention to the desired part of the room. Here both one element and a tandem of several colors can be used.

Painting is a mood. Most often these are images of plants or landscapes, from the sight of which the direction of thoughts changes. For example, a room with a small window will be filled with a picture of the sun with heat and light. A blooming garden inspires romance, and a green forest gives a feeling of coolness.

Modular pictures. Such an interesting modern decor solution bears the transfer of the image by dividing it into several segments united by a common meaning. A large area of ​​the wall above the head of the bed will allow you to effectively place from three to five vertical canvases. In a smaller space, without prejudice to the general perception of the image, it is more harmonious to hang a collage or mini-reproduction.

Selection conditions

When the idea to hang a picture in the bedroom came to the stage of choice, you should not make hasty decisions. From the point of view of feng shui teaching, the image should be chosen thoughtfully and carefully. There are several conditions, compliance with which will make the choice more successful:

  • plots of the festival, natural elements (storms, storms, avalanches, volcanic eruptions) are not allowed in the bedroom. Such an image would rather excite the mind, rather than adjust to rest and relax;
  • lonely objects on reproductions subconsciously can give preconditions to loneliness. Hanging them is not particularly recommended in family bedrooms. Seeing loneliness can distance the spouses. An alternative to single objects can be their pair placement or modular reproduction;
  • it is impossible to have an image of water in the bedroom - such a decision may have a negative impact on family affluence;
  • for couples who are planning to have a child, it will be useful to hang pictures of children or spring landscapes to help the rebirth at the head of the head;
  • A good solution is to place a picture with a dream at the head of the bed. For example, if there is a desire to travel, but there is no possibility, then you can hang a picture of the terrain, where I would like to go. By feng shui, seeing a dream will open up the possibility of its implementation.

Image effect

Paintings filled with love, romance and peace will have a beneficial effect on the general condition, will have a calming effect after a busy day of work. Depending on who the room is intended for, the reproduction plot will also change.

Following the teachings of hair dryer - shui, peace and peace in the family will be presented by couples in the married bedroom, two swans, bright landscapes, flowers. The modular composition with the image of stones, especially suitable for a horoscope, will transfer healing energy. Such pictures are hung to give strength and health to the inhabitants of the room.

For the child’s bedroom, do-it-yourself painted paintings. Thus, parents will be able to transfer positive energy to their child. Not less positive will deliver the drawings in the framework, made personally by the owner of the room. Modular scenes depicting animals, birds, plants not only decorate the room, but also allow you to develop the imagination of the child.

Pictures in the room of a lonely person must contain life-affirming elements. Images of dawn, blooming flowers, spring landscapes carry good energy.

For a young energetic person suitable scenes aimed at dedication. Strengthen energy will help images of horses. These noble animals, symbolizing strength, activity, performance, hang at the head of the bed of strong personalities.

Subtle natures will love abstraction. The prevailing horizontal lines with patches of pastel shades symbolize movement, unobtrusively disposed to its implementation.

Materials and techniques of paintings

Modern paintings can represent not only the traditional work on canvas with oil paints, but also photographic reproduction, drawing on silk, velvet. If the interior of the room corresponds to the teachings of feng shui, then you should refrain from painting with elements of dried plants or insects, which ones in the house are now very popular to hang. Panels of dried herbs or flowers carry dead energy, although they complement the interior very harmoniously. Not less attention deserve embroidered products, filling the room with comfort. You can hang and work in the technique of patchwork, made independently or ordered in the desired color palette.

Baguette as a link

The framing of the picture deserves special attention. An attractive canvas can be visually lost in the overall interior of the bedroom, if you do not pay attention to its frame. A luxurious wooden frame, which is preferable to use for painting with oil, will look out of place in a modern style. Similarly, a metal baguette will look ridiculous in a romantic style or Provence.

To maintain a balance between the picture and the interior, it is necessary to use a connecting link - a frame. But here the important condition is to preserve the dominance of the painting over the baguette. In other words, so that the frame does not overshadow the picture itself.

Modular compositions, collages and mini compositions are framed by identical frames. Watercolor landscapes perfectly complement the mat, with the help of wide or narrow fields which enliven the image on the canvas.