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Industrial style in the interior of the apartment (20 photos)

In the middle of the last century in America began to make plants outside the city, and the vacant industrial buildings turned into residential. This is how the industrial style appeared, which is also often called the loft style. Initially, rather poor people settled in the industrial premises re-equipped for housing, now this style is considered to be elite, although even today the design of the premises in a factory spirit is not too expensive. Knowing the basic requirements for interior decoration, interior items, decor and lighting, everyone can turn their housing into an apartment in the loft style.

Signs of style

Industrial style in the interior is of two types: natural, when properly decorated room is actually located on the former enterprise, and artificial, when the building had and has a completely different purpose (residential, public). In the first case, in order to give the room proper appearance, it is enough not to hide pipes, stairs and other structures characteristic of factory buildings. In the second, such architectural elements are created artificially.

For this you need to be very well aware of what an industrial style is and what its main features are:

  1. A large, uncluttered space, with a complete lack of walls and a minimum number of partitions. The presence of elements of industrial architecture: hoods, pipes, steel partitions, large windows, metal stairs, steel, concrete or brick walls, wooden doors, beams and bare floors.
  2. Use in the interior of natural materials, brick, concrete, glass and metal. However, they must be raw, dull or artificially aged. Color range - cold tones: all shades of gray, white, black, indigo. The use of beige-brown gamma is permissible. Bright colors can be present only locally, for the placement of color accents.
  3. Large windows, better with frosted glass. Curtains are not welcome. To create comfort it is possible to use the Roman curtains. Artificial lighting, which is emphasized in interior design, is represented by a large number of loft-style lamps. Chandelier or wall lamp can be in the style of retro-techno.
  4. In the interior design, graffiti, posters, and collages of black and white photographs are used as decor. You can use things as if brought from the street: road signs, lanterns, posters. There must be at least one vintage item: an old typewriter, a rusted bicycle, an idle motor, a table lamp with a metal shade, rough work of a raw wood chandelier or something else.
  5. Furniture made of natural materials or steel: metal cabinets, safes, wooden shelves, open shelves. Instead of shelves, you can use the stairs, ladders. Armchairs, chairs, sofas fit simple, modest, without decoration, made of wood, metal or leather. Excellent options - to use in interior design a large leather sofa of red color, a wooden chair, varnished, with armrests made of brushed metal.

Loft style does not imply the abandonment of all cozy. Obzhivaya premises of the former factories, people sought to create in them a homely atmosphere. A vintage piece of furniture, such as a rocking chair, covered with a checkered rug, will fit perfectly into the industrial style.

Apartment in industrial style

The industrial style is more suitable for bars, shops, creative workshops, cultural institutions and other public facilities. However, there are fans of this trend, who make their accommodation in a factory spirit.

Apartment in the loft style is suitable for a creative, freedom-loving person, not bound by the framework of conventions, not experiencing the need for privacy. It is also important that a fan of loft style has at its disposal a housing of at least 100 square meters, and preferably even more. With such areas, you can turn an apartment into an industrial style pattern.

Start better with redevelopment: you need at least one large room. Industrial style does not tolerate crowding: wide pipes and other protruding parts take up a lot of space. Carrying out the reconstruction of the apartment, it should be noted that it is extremely undesirable to remove the supporting structures, therefore, it is impossible to do without expert advice. Otherwise, it will be impossible to reconcile the redevelopment, and the apartment itself may collapse. The second point that must be considered before you begin to tear down walls and carry out repairs is the zoning of room space in the future. It is possible that partitions will be required somewhere, somewhere the ceiling will have to be lowered, the floor must be raised somewhere in order to isolate functional zones. Do not forget about the need to build a brick wall, a wooden door (it can be false), metal beams, stairs or other structures that serve as important elements of the loft style.

Once the interior finishes well in the mind, it is worth thinking about the choice and placement of lighting. Industrial style requires a serious approach to artificial lighting. One chandelier with the lighting of the entire space can not cope: a separate lamp is needed to illuminate each zone. Properly selected lamp will help in the zoning of space.

Chandelier can be placed above the living room area. Any ceiling lamp is no good. The chandelier should be made of metal, with or without glass, and have a concise design. For a loft style, a spider chandelier or a lamp, which is a cluster of lamps, is suitable. Good ideas are to hang the lamps at different heights under the ceiling or on the wall, use a bus lamp, install floor lamps and table lamps from untreated wood, brushed metal. A suitable chandelier, a wall lamp, a desk lamp will most certainly be found in the "flea market" or even among the trash in the garage with friends. A home-made chandelier with a lampshade of welded metal rods will also fit well into the interior in an industrial style.

Furniture plays a key role in interior design. The basis should be made up of the most ascetic furniture: a wooden table on metal legs, massive bollards with metal fittings. The furniture should not have any carved details, plush upholstery and other excesses.

Kitchen and Bedroom Design Ideas

The most comfortable rooms in any apartment are the kitchen and the bedroom. It seems that making them in a loft style is an impossible task, but it is not. It is enough to show imagination - and everything will turn out.

An industrial-style kitchen can be quite warm and even sweet. Untreated wood furniture, a brick wall, a steel panel in front of the working part, a coarse lamp help. The walls can also be decorated with tiles, laying it so that it resembled brickwork. Lockers on the walls are undesirable; they should be replaced with open shelves. If desired, the pipes and beams passing under the ceiling can also be used: for fixing lamps, hanging for drying kitchen towels.

The industrial-style bedroom can also have brick walls, but no more than two: the rest can be made of metal or frosted glass. Do not interfere with a huge window. The bedroom should be separated from other zones by a partition. Cabinets, if you can not do without them, it is better to make built-in. One of the walls can be decorated with a poster or avant-garde painting. The only furniture that is needed here is the bed. It should not stand out from the general style, but at the same time it can be made less cold than all the decoration of a room by putting a bright coverlet on it, for example, a patchwork or in ethno-style. The final touch in the interior design of the bedroom can be a chandelier with a bright metallic shade.