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Blue kitchen (21 photos): successful color combinations in the interior

Kitchen, made in blue can be found quite rarely. More often with its help the drawing room or a bedroom is made out. This is due primarily to the fact that when using it, it is necessary to take into account a number of important nuances so that it blends harmoniously into the interior. But all shades of blue look favorably in the kitchen. To do this, just pick the right color companion. At the same time, it can be used in any style, both classic or Provence, as well as more modern modern or high-tech.

General characteristics of blue

This color affects a person very soothingly, contributes to concentration of attention and improvement of intellectual activity. In addition, blue reduces appetite. Therefore, if you are dieting, then the kitchen in blue will help you with this. This color gives the room a more noble and strict look. But with some of its shades, for example, indigo, one must be careful that the kitchen does not seem too gloomy and cold.

When using furniture made in shades of blue, you can see that it is visually reduced. This is especially true if you make a small kitchen in Khrushchev. But this applies to individual shades of blue. In general, it is better to use it in spacious and bright rooms. The most relevant use of it is in the Empire style, Art Deco, Provence, Mediterranean and some ethnic.

Separate elements of the kitchen, made in blue

First of all, headsets can be made in this color. If you decide to give preference to this option, then you should consider a number of nuances:

  • A set that has a glossy facade should be used with care. With him, the furniture does not seem so heavy, but it also increases the feeling of cold. Therefore, if the kitchen is poorly lit with natural color, then it is better to choose a matte facade;
  • If you buy classic furniture, the facade is better to make a dark or gray-blue hue. Modern kitchen in this regard is not limited to any framework.

The apron, at the design of which the blue tile is used, looks good in the design of the headset, due to the fact that this color is associated with cleanliness and, at the same time, the sensation of expanding space is created. But food with such a background may not seem too appetizing. Therefore, making out an apron, dilute it with details of yellow, red or orange color.

Curtains are selected based on what type of kitchen. If it is combined with the living room, then the windows in the living room area should be drawn in monochromatic blue curtains. For an ordinary kitchen, it is better to pick up curtains with a casual cut and pattern.

The combination of blue with other shades

The design of a blue kitchen, whether angular or straight, is rarely performed in ultramarine tones only. Despite the fact that the view of the kitchen turns out great, yet he quickly get tired. Therefore, its combination with equally attractive flowers is more common. Consider the various options for combining colors with blue hues.

With gray

The gray-blue combination with the proper selection of shades looks very harmonious. To do this, gray and blue color should be chosen as close as possible to each other. In such an interior is most often used a gray wall or tile and blue furniture. In the design of the gray-blue kitchen for a change, you can enter a few light accents. Metallic gray looks very technologically in the interior of a blue kitchen. Thus, modern kitchen is made.

With white and its shades

The facades of sapphire color in the bright kitchen look very bright. It also looks advantageous to the walls, which are hung on blue wallpaper, with a headset, sustained in white or beige and white. Blue-white kitchen looks great when combining these colors in any proportions. Underline the overall appearance will allow the floor, decorated in dark gray. A beige-blue kitchen is preferred when it is poorly lit by natural light. Pure white combined with blue in such a situation will make the interior too cold.

With orange or yellow

Yellow-blue kitchen looks very juicy and colorful. This is achieved due to the fact that the cold of blue color overlaps with warm yellow. It is better if one of the colors dominates. For example, an orange kitchen with a blue set. At the same time, the gray worktop looks great. The orange kitchen looks too bright, so the blue elements are used for emphasis.

With green

This combination also looks good. The main thing is to choose the intensity of color so that the room does not look too exotic. For example, the chairs in the dining area can pick up blue or blue, one of the walls to arrange in green, and the floor - in one of the shades of turquoise and white. When decorating the remaining walls, you can also opt for a turquoise or blue hue.

Red and blue kitchen

In the interiors, made by non-professional designers, the combination of such colors is rare. It looks most advantageous when one of the colors dominates. Since the red kitchen looks somewhat aggressive, this color is used to a lesser extent. The classic kitchen in these colors - blue wallpaper, hung on the walls, act as a backdrop for a red headset. Also, to achieve overall harmony, another color is introduced into the interior. For example, the ceiling can be made in beige-gray tones. Gray tiles can be laid on the floor. This option looks very modern and looks great with elements made in metallic color. For example, it can be bar stools on a chrome base.

With brown

The brown-blue kitchen often involves the use of elements made of wood. This creates a cozy, noble and stylish look. As in the beige-blue kitchen, it is very comfortable to sit in brown-blue. Brown color creates a cosiness, and blue - will add feeling of relaxation and tranquility. If you have opted for the brown-blue cuisine, then you should prefer its light shades, such as cinnamon or milk chocolate.

Black and blue kitchen

This option is optimal only if the individual elements are made in dark colors. For example, it may be a floor on which a black and white tile is laid, a tabletop, ceiling lamps, etc. The walls are better decorated with wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern of blue on a white background. Also, when you decorate the walls, you can give preference in favor of a white shade, and you should already design an apron with a pattern.

Several options for the correct use of color

First of all blue can be used in accents. This option is perfect if you do not want to make the kitchen cold, but you are ready to bring a touch of freshness to its interior. Individual accessories or a part of a kitchen set made in this color look great. You can also paint in blue not all the walls, but only one. In this case, it is visually a little distant, so even a small kitchen in the Khrushchev will look more spacious.

Also blue can be used in the mass with dilution with white color. But this option is more suitable for kitchens that are flooded with sunlight. In other cases, it is desirable to use these colors in equal proportions. Other soothing shades can also be used, such as pastel-colored ceiling or gray tile on the floor.
Like the living room, the blue kitchen, both ordinary and corner, looks bright and unusual. Therefore, you will always feel comfortable and calm in it. With the right combination of shades, it is possible to use shades of blue in both modern and classic interiors.