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Red color in the interior (50 photos): beautiful shades and successful combinations

Red color symbolizes indomitable will, desire for goals and passion. His shades are very fond of many designers. With the help of red accents are easily placed in the interior. Psychologists say that he adjusts to activity, raises his tone.

Red color is able to revive the interior, create mood. But you need to use it very well: one wrong touch - and there will be a bright dissonance, harmony will disappear. How to use designers red color in the interior?

Shades of red in the interior

Designers often use not the color of the flame, but its shades, which are applicable in almost any room. There are several favorite shades of red for the interior:

  • terracotta;
  • brick;
  • noble wine;
  • scarlet, etc.

Not any object and material painted in red color looks good in the interior. For example, the plastic glossy surface of red color carries in itself exciting activity. But the brick, clay or fabric look quite restrained.

Red has quieter shades:

  • burgundy;
  • alizarin;
  • wine;
  • terracotta;
  • muffled coral shades.

They are less aggressive and able to tone up, in contrast to the bright tones of red. These shades are indispensable in creating rich, elegant interiors. In the restrained tones of red, you can create a bedroom, living room and office.

Choosing the right shade of red is a prerequisite in terms of room lighting. If the room is dark and poorly heated, then pick up warm shades of red that will create a feeling of warmth. And purple shades will make the interior of a large living room solemn and rich.

When choosing a shade it is important to consider the style and dimensions of the room. Dark tones are not suitable for small rooms.

Red notes can be used for stylized interiors. For example, the spirit of India will appear in the bedroom, if you add its red patterns on pillowcases, sheets and other accessories.

Features red interiors

Saturated red color visually reduces the space, so it can not be used in small rooms.

If you choose shades of red for the living room, then it will feel strength and energy. When combined with this color accessories gold color living room will become aristocratic and pompous.

The best choice for the living room - red furniture in the interior, which looks impressive against the white walls and ceiling. A red sofa in the interior of the living room will bring together all the family members and friends. Such activity in the reception room is welcome.

As for the bedroom, there should not be an emphasis on red, otherwise it will be difficult to sleep in it. But pink or maroon are quite acceptable for the bedroom: they will help to create a romantic atmosphere and will not affect healthy sleep at all. The extraordinary interior will turn out from a combination of muffled red color with an impregnation of white shades and a dark floor.

A lot of red in the kitchen awakens the appetite. The best option for this room would be a combination of red elements with chrome-plated details and black and white inserts.

The red color of the bathroom can cause mixed reactions. Someone will be delighted, but someone does not like this bathroom.

In general, interiors of red color are chosen by people who are mobile, purposeful, dynamic. They prefer to actively relax even at home.

Red in combination with other colors in the interior

With the help of red color, a dull room can be turned into a design masterpiece. The main thing is to correctly use its shades and correctly place accents. Shades of red will look great in the living room, bathroom, toilet, gym and in places of active rest. There is a mass of tones with which this dynamic and bright color goes well together.

Red and white interior

White color - an integral companion of red. It perfectly neutralizes excessive red activity. The combination of red and white in the interior symbolizes care, justice and cleanliness, expands the space. This interior attracts people and pleases with fresh contrast

The red and white interior is a win-win combination. This duet does not require additional accents, but many dilute it with black color, which gives dynamics to the interior. Red is close to monochrome colors, so a three-color range of these tones will look good.

To make the red-white combination look organic, designers apply the technique of patterned and solid objects. The main rule here is to use patterns and monotony in the same quantity. So, if you want to make a room monochrome, then add a few objects with a pattern, or, conversely, in a patterned interior, add 1-2 monochromatic accents. For example, in a dining room with plain wallpaper, you can lay a carpet with a pattern, and in a bedroom with patterned wallpaper, there may be plain drapes or other decorative elements.

The main technique used in red and white interiors is “red on white”. But the reverse technique "white on red", most likely, will give a negative effect. Such an interior will seem harsh and flashy. The fact is that white is a neutral, balancing color, and it cannot be an accent.

Red and yellow (orange)

The warmest shades always create a summer, joyful mood. The red-yellow combination is suitable for children's rooms, kitchens, fitness centers. But before choosing these tones, evaluate the comfort of this combination for the inhabitants. See which side the room is on. If on the sun, then you should redirect your attention to a different color range, since the effect of enhanced heating can cause discomfort.

For hyperactive children, it is also not worthwhile to pick up red-yellow-orange tones: in such a room it will be difficult for them to concentrate on anything. To reduce the active influence of warm shades can be due to the white and beige colors.

The combination of red and gold will give a completely different atmosphere. This pompous combination is appropriate in the elite hotels, art galleries, restaurants. The union of burgundy shades and gold looks very noble. In the red-gold interiors, black is often added, due to which the room looks respectable.

Red and beige

The beige shade holds back the activity of red, so this interior looks soft and calm. This union does not need a third color. Here it is only important to choose which color will become the leading one. If it is beige, then the atmosphere of the room will be cozy and inviting. Inserting a pattern or brickwork into the interior will bring vitality.

For rich red sand, straw and earthy shades are suitable. And for a neutral beige, all shades of red are suitable, even scarlet, wine or thick crimson. When combining pale shades of beige and red, it is convenient to create a retro style indoors, because such a tandem appeared a long time ago. Yes, and in modern interiors, this union is getting accustomed perfectly.

By the way, you should not use only one shade of beige in this duet: this interior will be monotonous and boring. It is better to create smooth color transitions from different shades of beige color. If beige is chosen as a background color, make one big red accent or a few minor accents so that the red color is not lost. For example, it can be red curtains in the interior in addition with pillows on the couch. Wall mural with large bright colors of red on a beige background will successfully decorate the interior of the living room. If you glue the red wallpaper in the interior, then only one wall should be occupied with them, otherwise the interior will turn out to be gloomy and even aggressive.

Red and blue (turquoise)

This combination is extremely rare in the interiors. These colors are antagonistic in essence. Blue is ice and red is flame. In addition, both of these colors are different in temperature effects. But with the proper combination of them can get a very cozy atmosphere. Here it is important which color will be the leading one and which one will be the complementary one, which will determine the overall temperature of the room. Want to make it warm, take a pale red as a background, and blue just complete the picture. To create a cool interior should dominate the blue, and red is used as an accent.

The red-blue interior will look good in the nursery if the base is a pale blue color. Marine themes here will be very helpful.

For the bedroom it is better to choose a light blue background, and red only to emphasize respectability and refinement.

Remember: different shades of red are suitable for blue, and for blue it is better to choose rich-red tones.

If you want to make an unusual interior, then combine red and turquoise. Such a union will provide a good mood and create a feeling of comfort and prosperity.

Red and green

Green complements the red color, so next to each other they will seem even richer. This is a very spectacular union, so this interior is disturbing to the eye, emotions, and cannot be permanent.

For the restraint of these colors it is worth using low-key shades of red and green. In addition, it is worth diluting them with white or beige.

Red and brown

Dark brown shades contain partly and red color, so in part they can be called related. Brown is discreet and down to earth, the color of stability and hard work. Shading red, this tone makes the whole room look solid.

In dark brown and burgundy tones, you can create an English style, and by adding golden hues you can reproduce a pompous Victorian style.

Red and pink

The fashion for the combination of red, orange and pink came from the east, where they like to mix the taste of smells and smells, as well as rich warm colors. So the union of pink with red can be quite called oriental exotic. Use this combination with caution, because our eyes are accustomed to moderate color combinations.

Red and gray (gray blue)

Gray and gray-blue are harmoniously combined with light shades of red. However, it is better to add a white, beige, golden or dark brown shade to this tandem. In such a triple combination, you can arrange any room in the house.

Red and purple

A bright combination of red and purple will be relevant for the kitchen. Choosing shades, remember that they should be harmoniously combined in terms of warmth and brightness. Designers categorically do not recommend diluting this duet with a neutral color - white or beige.

If you are concerned that the color red may eventually tire the inhabitants of the house, then use it in the decoration, textiles or small details.

This can be a red bed linen, blanket or bedside lamp shade of flame.

You have decorated your interior in a neutral range, and it already seems to you monotonous and boring? Buy a few red chairs, and the room will immediately sparkle in a new way.