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Kitchen design 14 square meters. m (53 photos): create a good layout and beautiful interior

Kitchen 14 square meters. m - this is a spacious room, the area of ​​which gives the interior designer room for imagination. Kitchens of such a plan are quite common: in the old model houses built in the 50s, as well as in new buildings. In such a kitchen you can easily place a kitchen set, straight or angled, a massive dining table, all the necessary equipment, a bar counter and a sofa. Interior design allows the use of various styles from minimalism to baroque. The color scheme can also be wider compared to a palette of colors suitable for a small kitchen. Projects of such premises are diverse: you can sort out a lot of ideas and focus on something of your own.

Layout options

The most common - angular layout. Such a plan has a lot of advantages - saving space, convenience for the hostess (the most important work points are close to each other, within reach.) This version of the organization of the interior allows for the presence of the bar. Using an angular headset is a classic option when developing a kitchen project, but many would like to try something new and fresh.

Linear layout is also familiar, but the image of the kitchen in this case is not so recognizable. There are some drawbacks: the hostess is not so convenient to work - the cooking zone turns out to be somewhat stretched. Linear set allows you to focus on the center of the room - you can choose an interesting, large table and unusual chairs.

Two-row layout is a good way out when you want to organize a comfortable working space, but for some reason I would like to abandon the corner plan. In this case, the stove and work space are on the same side of the room, and the refrigerator and most cabinets are opposite. Such a plan is especially good when your kitchen is an elongated shape.

Add a table-island

Great idea of ​​modern kitchen design 14 square meters. m - peninsular layout. In practice, this is as follows: the kitchen-table space is separated by a table-island, which one of the parties rests against a wall. This island may be part of the headset. In any case, this project looks beautiful, and the work area has a compact area.

Island layout involves placing in the room a table-island, which is the main focus in the room. Here you can cook and dine.

Custom solutions

Surprises happen in old houses: sometimes there are kitchens with a balcony, there are niches or ventilation pipes. In this case, the development of an individual plan is required. A design solution can be very inspiring: for example, placing in a closet or TV niche, combining a kitchen with an adjoining balcony, ordering a kitchen according to an individual plan (so that the headset fits well with non-standard space).

To expand the area, it is possible to combine a kitchen and an adjoining room, organizing a spacious dining room with a sofa and a stylish bar counter. Such a solution can also be offered to owners of small apartments: when redeveloping in a panel house, for example, you can get a pretty kitchen-living room of 13 square meters. m

Color solutions

The interior design of a relatively spacious kitchen may suggest the use of rich colors. It looks good bright maroon, wine color, as well as dark turquoise and dark blue. Do not pay attention to aggressive shades. Psychologists say (and this is not a myth!) That in a room decorated in poisonous red colors people feel much worse.

But any decision depends on your preferences: if you prefer traditional pastel colors, then this is great! Choose a sofa and a bar in a similar color range - and the overall picture will be perfect.

According to the ideas of modern designers, the introduction of other colors should be dosed. They should not radically distort the overall picture. An interesting technique: furniture in the color of the walls helps to push the space, add air. It can also be used in terms of interior design using transparent furniture (made of durable plastic) and mirror surfaces, this will visually expand the room.

Directions and styles

Provence style always looks great in the kitchen. Consider in the room plan a wooden set, a nice tile of a small size of a light shade. Hood must have wood decoration. Enrich the interior with a beautiful round oak table and rustic-style curtains, as well as a vintage chandelier.

Hi-tech is also a great option for the interior of a modern kitchen. This type of interior fits perfectly kitchen appliances, especially metal, shiny. Gray or blue tones will complete the image of the kitchen, make it slightly cold, but stylish and concise. For lighting it is important to choose lamps in the appropriate style - better mounted metal. But it is possible to place point ceiling lights.

Minimalism can not be considered boring style. In this case, you can use the game of textures, forms and details. In trend and eco-style: wooden surfaces, eco-friendly materials, the use of natural stone, unglazed tiles, decor using dry herbs and bouquets.

We wish you to choose the best version of the project and successfully make repairs!