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Coffee table in the interior (20 photos): an elegant and practical accent


The coffee table is a low-key piece of furniture that, despite its small size, plays a leading designer role in the room. The choice of a table depends on its purpose: whether they will put magazines or feet on it, drink coffee or play board games. It is worth considering the fact whether you have children and whether they like to draw at the table in the living room. Or maybe you want to surprise the guests of your house with originality? What is more important to you: functionality or beauty? Consider both options.



Coffee tables vary in size.

  1. It can be a small table for lunch and breakfast. They are on sale the most. Usually they have a round tabletop on four legs or on one support. In fact, they are no different from the standard dining table, except for the size.
  2. Table showcase. This view is represented by a glass tabletop with an internal shelf-stand, where you can put all sorts of things, including souvenirs and beautiful figures.
  3. Transforming table. All kinds of tables, which can be adjusted in height, size. There are models that can be folded. Such a table is convenient for those who appreciate practicality. It is possible to have lunch at the same time, and putting it together, turn it into a pouf or stool.
  4. Table stand. The name speaks for itself. According to custom, they are on one leg, like a table-geridon, used for a stand under a vase, a lamp, a set or a telephone.
  5. Table matryoshka. By the principle of nesting dolls, such tables are sold in a set from the smallest to the largest. Cascade the tables or distribute them around the room.
  6. Coffee table. This is a necessary piece of furniture on which it is convenient to read the press, lay out books. Often has drawers for newspapers and magazines.
  7. Table upholstered. It is a small square tabletop, moved to the sofa, in the shape of the letter "P".
  8. Decorative table. This table is designed to admire. In this case, using modern materials, fresh ideas, as well as old furniture, which designers gave a new life. The peculiarity of such tables is that they are not intended for books, coffee and magazines, but play an exclusively decorative role.



White coffee table

A classic type of coffee table for those who love no-frills furniture, but with taste. It can also be with a glass top on a white leg. It has several advantages:

  • White color is “friendly” with any other colors.
  • It has a convenient shape
  • No design excesses

Already in the store is recommended to adhere to three basic rules:

  1. Price
  2. Dimensions
  3. Functionality

Depending on what is more important to you, it is worth repelling in the first place. The price does not always reliably characterize the quality. You can choose a classic coffee table made of wood or rattan of domestic production, and it does not miscalculate. Tables from Italian manufacturers are considered the most expensive, but among the Chinese production there are worthy forged models, transforming tables, white round classic ones, and also models in the loft style.

Not only metal models on wheels in a loft style, but also rattan tables that are very popular recently, claim originality. The point is in several advantages:

  • Ease
  • Cheapness
  • Uniqueness
  • Strength
  • Novelty

Not only for a country house, but also in the apartment will be comfortable table on wheels. It can always be moved without difficulty if it is cluttered with magazines, as well as used in different areas of the room, and for different purposes. Of course, most often it is metal, forged or rattan models, but there are products made of glass or wood.



Forged models

Forged furniture is considered the elite among other models of coffee tables. In the interior, it looks rich and sophisticated, models are both classic and non-standard, complementing the interior in the style of a loft and others. Along with solid wood or rattan furniture, forged small tables can look cozy and light in the interior. The tabletop is often made from a material other than metal, less often it is metal, more often white, black, wood or glass. The material and method of forging largely affects the cost. But truly unusual models of such furniture can be purchased from specialists of manual labor.




Separately, we can say about a special type of coffee tables - transformers. In an amazing and simple way, they turn into puffs or large tables for all guests. They can take with them to the country or on long hikes. The popularity of transforming tables urged designers to make them foldable, of any materials and shapes.



Designer Tips

  • If you do not know how to beat the coffee table in the interior of the room, then you should think about its purpose.
  • It is easiest to cope with the design task of a wooden table, since it does not require special strict stylistic conditions. He can fit in as a black hi-tech room or "untidy" loft, and multi-colored living room in the style of pop art.
  • Most advantageously, any table will look in the living room, if you pick up pillows of the same color on the sofa as the table.
  • It is necessary to take into account not only the color of the furniture, but also the material from which it is made. Well, if the coffee table will be harmonious in this regard. If the room has a wardrobe with black glass doors, it is obvious that a small black table with a glass tabletop will fit perfectly.