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Trends in interior design 2019, which you want to know (52 photos)

Fashion trends in interior design replace each other not as fast as fashion for clothes, shoes, hairstyles or hair color. And it pleases, because everyone knows how long, time-consuming and expensive process is repair. Every homeowner seeks to ensure that its interior stays in trend for as long as possible.

Any new direction in interior design, fortunately, lingers in our homes for more than one year. These trends are not peculiar seasonal rapid change, as is the case with wardrobe items. In the design of premises, changes occur smoothly, some trends in the interior are replaced by others, gradually transforming the appearance of the housing and its atmosphere.

Deciding to use new design trends in home design, you can be sure that the decoration of your interior 2019 will not be out of fashion in a year. If you approach this issue deliberately and use a combination of different directions, then such a design will not lose its relevance for a long time.

Current trends: classic or tribute to fashion?

If you are planning to start a repair or just think about its need, it would not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the main directions in interior design. Some of the fashion trends over time, leaving their place, while others linger for a long time, undergoing partial changes and maintaining its focus. What is relevant this season?

  • Traditional classic chandeliers and single lamps with shades are replaced by original lighting and decorative designs and complex compositions of several single lamps. This not only provides excellent illumination of the room in the evening, but also contributes to the creation of a unique architecture of the space.
  • The furniture becomes more functional, differs clear lines and simple geometric shapes. Lack of excess is compensated by the use of interesting materials and upholstery of the original texture and colors.
  • In the trend of the use of elements of folk art, which can easily give any interior an original look. A piece of exotic, which will make sophisticated ornaments, original patterns and exquisite folk motifs will be appropriate in almost all interiors. The main thing is moderation, it is important not to overdo it with folk details, and then the national flavor will be the highlight that will give charm to your interior.
  • The use of metal does not lose its relevance. Products of art forging for a long time took the place in interiors of apartments and houses. Elegant window and fireplace grates, refined staircase handrails and balcony railings, openwork furniture and intricate objects of decor - these works of blacksmith art can cause genuine admiration.
  • Decorating surfaces with prints is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Monochromatic walls of calm shades will prevail in the interiors. They will not look boring, because in the trend of the surface with an interesting texture. Concrete, rough plaster or brickwork are complemented by bright accents in the form of interior paintings and original modular compositions.
  • The color scheme of the current season involves the use of calm, warm, pastel shades that promote relaxation and tranquility. Neutral tones are appropriate in different rooms and different styles of interior. They serve as the perfect backdrop for furnishing and decoration. Actual use of bright, saturated colors in the form of small accents. In this regard, the favorite will be dark green.

Materials: fashion novelties and unfading classics

Ceramic tiles can hardly be called a new trend. However, the ever-expanding range of this versatile finishing material makes it possible to embody the most unusual ideas: in a trend, hexagonal tiles in the form of honeycombs. She herself looks very unusual both on the walls and on the floor. And if you use a flight of fantasy and tiles of different shades, then you can achieve an incredible graphic effect. Terracotta clay tiles are gaining increasing popularity.

One of the favorites among the materials used for decoration and decoration of rooms, still remains natural stone. Modern interior trends are such that one can safely say: this material is unlikely to soon give way to its leading position.

The "wild" stone with its sharp edges, polished by sea waves almost perfectly shaped pebbles, raw stone blocks with a rough surface, polished to the shine stone slabs, striking the richness of its texture and variety of pattern - in the interior there is a place for any of these varieties of natural material .

The walls and arches, fireplaces and sinks, countertops and window sills, artistic compositions and decorative panels of natural stone will give your home a unique and unique look.

Décor items from this material also have no equal: coffee tables, lamp bases, ashtrays, decorative figures and candlesticks will decorate any interior.

Puffs and pillows made of wool, stylized as smooth sea boulders and repeating their shape and design can become a highlight of your home. These unusual interior items will harmoniously fit into the living space, deliver positive emotions to the owners of the house, surprise guests and emphasize the relevance of the next trend.

The course of rapprochement with nature

Fashion trends in the interior again appeal to the world of nature, which is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and design ideas. Natural materials - a real find for the decoration and decoration of the room. Natural wood, cork, bamboo, bark, vine, rattan - each of these materials can organically fit into the interior, filling the home with positive energy, adding stability and confidence.

None of the modern finishing materials is able to bring into the interior natural energy, which is fraught with natural wood. It fills the atmosphere of the home with lively warmth, comfort and coziness.

Indoors with wooden furnish, furniture and objects of a decor natural color and connection with the nature is felt.

Seasons and fashion trends replace each other, but it is important to take into account not only current trends in interior design when arranging a home. You should always remember that housing is intended, first of all, for a person and his comfortable stay.

The interior of the house in which we live has a great influence on our emotional state, behavior, and even character. The latest trends in interior design are aimed at creating a beautiful and functional home in which to live and work comfortably. Harmony reigns in such a house, every detail is thought out to the smallest detail, and the atmosphere is filled with warmth and comfort.