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Plastic apron for the kitchen: obvious advantages (26 photos)


The kitchen is almost the most important area in the whole house. The success of each family member depends on the improvement of the kitchen, because in the kitchen people are charged with the necessary energy for life.



No one will argue with the fact that the kitchen should be not only pleasant to the eye, but also extremely comfortable. That is why kitchen renovation is such a headache. Especially hard things with the working area, but the version of its design, we want to present in our article. Today we will talk about why a kitchen apron made of plastic is probably the best option for the decor of the working area.

Kitchen apron is called the working area of ​​the hostess between the table top (or stove, sink, oven, etc.) and wall cabinets. The main purpose of the apron of any material that is hung on the wall in this area is to protect the wall itself from contamination associated with working in the kitchen at the stove, sink or countertop. Of course, the apron itself will also be contaminated, which is why it must be well and quickly cleaned of dirt. In addition, it must be independent of cooking conditions (frying, boiling, baking, etc.). And what can be suitable for all these purposes better plastic?




What about the aesthetic side of the question?

In addition to all previous uses, the apron should fit into the overall decor of the kitchen. Of course, you can long choose the appropriate texture of the desired color, which, moreover, must meet the other requirements, and you can simply choose a plastic apron with a photo print of the design you need.

The possibilities of drawing with photo printing are completely unlimited, so you can find an option for both the minimalist white kitchen and the multi-colored kitchen in the style of pop art. If you wish, you can arrange a zone with photos of the whole family.




And what can you say about the plastic apron itself?

The strongest of all types of plastic at the moment is considered to be carbonate glass, but it is quite an expensive material to use as a kitchen apron. In addition, it does not have the majority of useful properties of cheaper analogues. Carbonate glass is suitable mainly for those who would like to get maximum similarity with glass in the design of the apron.




Conventional plastic panels with photo printing may well replace any other material in terms of decor. However, they are much cheaper than any of the building materials that are commonly used for the lining of the kitchen apron. Plastic panels - the best option for those who would like to quickly and inexpensively make repairs in their kitchen.






The advantages of this product

If you are not sure how much a kitchen apron is a good idea for decorating your kitchen, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of obvious advantages of a kitchen apron:

  • Such a product can be easily found in any hardware store. In each store you will be able to suggest and recommend the option that is appropriate for your kitchen. In addition, kitchen aprons can be ordered even through online stores, which further simplifies your searches.
  • Availability. For the price of plastic aprons are leaders in their category of decor work area. They are available to almost every family who decided to make repairs in their kitchen.
  • Long duration of operation. On average, plastic panels quietly maintain a five-year period of rather negligent exploitation. And given the fact that the panels themselves are very budget, and their installation does not represent much effort, they significantly outperform their competitors.
  • The panels are undemanding in terms of installation, and that is why under them you can hide the necessary, but interfering or simply unaesthetic elements of the room. For example, wiring or old holes, chips, stains.
  • The panels of plastic unpretentious in terms of care. They can be washed with plain water and soap, but you can use any other chemicals. Moreover, if the panel was applied to the drawing, it will remain untouched and even colorless. And what is most useful, plastic is a fairly smooth material, and this, together with the seamless apron, allows it to remain intact for dust.
  • Not only low maintenance, but kitchen conditions will in no way affect the integrity of the plastic kitchen panels. They calmly and without any problems withstand high humidity, heat and sharp fluctuations in temperature.
  • As was clear from the 5th point, absolutely any drawing can be applied on the panel. That is why they can organically fit into any kitchen, made in any style. Panels can be decorated for other textures, they can have bright patterns, photo printing.
  • In homes with fairly thin walls, a plastic apron in the kitchen will be a kind of magic wand, because it has a fairly high level of sound insulation.
  • And last in the list, but not least in importance advantage - environmental friendliness. Panels for the kitchen apron are made from high-quality eco-friendly plastic, which will not emit any harmful impurities into the atmosphere from temperature extremes, mechanical effects and other processes. This is a very important quality when it comes to food consumption.




Disadvantages of this product

The advantages of a plastic apron for the kitchen, we saw quite a lot, but no product is ideal, so it's time to disassemble and disadvantages:

  • No matter how well chosen the texture pattern, the appearance of plastic with photo printing will still be significantly inferior to the original panels.
  • If, when cooking, you work with fire and excessively hot products near the plastic panels, then sooner or later they will begin to deform. This usually occurs at temperatures above 80 degrees. Try to protect the wall from the oven with hot glass.
  • Despite the fact that the plastic surface is easy to clean, some products cannot be applied to it due to the presence of PVC in it. Among the unacceptable means abrasives, hard brushes, metal "brushes" and other items that perform a mechanical function, leaving scratches and defects.
  • An explanation for the plastic apron with a pattern is added to the previous item. Such products are very bad for chemicals based on, oddly enough, plastic.




We summarize our article with the fact that the disadvantages turned out to be two times less than the merits. And you decide how weighty the facts are on both sides. We hope this article was helpful to you. Be sure to read our other articles on this site to learn more important and interesting material.