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Arbor with barbecue: options for your summer cottage (27 photos)

A large number of people love to spend their holidays in nature. Especially nice to relax on the summer cottage, which is perfectly landscaped. Sometimes the owners of country houses or cottages seek to install gazebos with barbecues on their site. Modern gazebos, equipped with a brazier, are functional, convenient to use. The main advantages of their use at their summer cottage are as follows:

  • There is no need to constantly maintain fire for cooking.
  • You can cook fragrant dishes in any weather.
  • Stylish and original execution of an arbor with a brazier will perfectly fit into design of a personal plot.

The main types of gazebos with barbecue

Arbor with barbecue is of two types. It can be temporary and permanent.

Temporary constructions are assembled with the onset of warm weather. The main advantage of such an arbor is mobility. The design is easy to move from one place to another if necessary. But in the cold season, you will have to think about where to store the prefabricated parts.

A stationary grill and a gazebo are always in the same place. Therefore, when installing it, you need to carefully choose the right place. Installation of stationary braziers for giving should be made on a stable basis. The base can be a coating of concrete or asphalt.

By installing a high-quality, reliable and attractive gazebo on your site, you can get a comfortable place to relax. Depending on the material used, design features, design, there are different types of gazebos equipped with a brazier.

Materials manufacturing arbors with barbecue

If you chose such material as a brick for the construction of a gazebo with barbecue, then you need to bear in mind that the construction will be capital. Build a brazier of brick quality can be with careful observance of all requirements. The brick is a durable material, it does not have special requirements for care. The brazier from a brick and an arbor are a strong structure, they are not afraid of adverse natural influences.

The surest solution is to use a fire brick for the construction of a gazebo with barbecue. Such material will be easy to revet in the future with decorative material. The brazier from a brick looks effectively, it is convenient in use, but demands careful observance of all stages of installation.

Of course, to build a brick grill and a gazebo is worth a lot of money. However, the stone structure will stand for a long period of time, it looks beautiful and does not impose special requirements for care.

Wooden arbors are also in high demand. The tree is an environmentally friendly material that looks great on the plot, creating an atmosphere of comfort. Wood is saturated with modern means that are harmless. This structure is lightweight and does not require reinforcement or reinforcement of the foundation. Wood is cheaper than brick. With proper processing, this material can last a long time.

At construction of arbors it is possible to use at the same time both a brick, and a tree. Such a structure is called combined. If you plan to build such a structure, it is necessary to divide the area into certain zones - for rest and for work. The working area must be strong and made of bricks. For the recreation area is perfect tree.

Forged barbecues for summer cottages and gazebos are another popular type. Such designs on the dacha look elegant and noble. Only a specialist with certain skills can build such a gazebo with a brazier, since this is a very difficult job. Professionals will make a beautiful gazebo, taking into account the wishes of the client in a short time. The cost of this design depends on the degree of complexity of the design chosen by the customer.

How to make a grill in the gazebo? In order to choose a brazier and make an arbor of a suitable design, it is necessary to analyze carefully all the available options. It is imperative that the building being constructed is perfectly suited to the landscape design of the backyard. It is also necessary to correctly select the garden grill for the future structure.

Popular types of braziers

Braziers for cottages with a roof are homemade and ready. Self-made should be built with the involvement of professionals, as this process is complex and requires adherence to a large number of important nuances.

Ready barbecues can be purchased by contacting a specialized store. Types of braziers ready type:

  • Electric models. Differ in ease and convenience of operation, do not smoke space.
  • Pig-iron braziers. The life of cast iron models is long and they do not need special maintenance.
  • Metal braziers. The most popular execution option. Have small weight, differ in the high durability and long service life.
  • Steel constructions. They will be more expensive than metal, but not susceptible to rust.
  • Folding design. These are mobile barbecues that can be stored in a box.

Today, glazed gazebos that have a brazier made of bricks, metal and other materials, a grill or a barbecue are in high demand. Rest in such a structure will always be comfortable, regardless of weather conditions.

A glazed gazebo is a monumental, enclosed structure erected using materials such as wood or brick. The structure has excellent visibility. It is bright, as is able to pass the sun's rays. It looks like a glazed gazebo resembles a detached building that fits perfectly into the landscape of the backyard.

Design features

Designs of arbors with barbecue differ in a wide variety of choice. In any project on the roof should be provided hole. It is necessary for the release of smoke during operation of the barbecue. In addition, it is important that the project provided for the possibility of a quick airing of the room.

For gazebos, where there is a brazier made of brick or other materials, it is desirable that the floor was non-combustible. It can be made of materials such as tile, stone, paving. It is also better to make roofing from non-combustible materials. Ceramic or metal roof tiles are perfect for the roof. It is important not to forget to cover the rafters and the crate with special means protecting from fire.

It is imperative that the furnace does not fall precipitation. It is also necessary to provide the location of the foundation. He must be above the spring waters. There should be additional space around the barbecue. This is necessary to comply with fire safety requirements at the dacha. It is also important to ensure that the size of the barbecue or stove matches the area of ​​the gazebo. If the structure is massive, then the load on the structure will be excessively large.

The internal space of the arbor can be decorated in a variety of ways. This can be done by hand. Often, for these purposes, wooden lattices with cell parameters no more than 15 centimeters are used. Countertops and shelves are often trimmed with natural or artificial stone.

To protect from the sun in the summer it will be enough to use a wooden shed. The shape of the arbor can be very diverse - round, square, hexagonal, asymmetric.