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Long pile carpets - more comfort and more warmth! (23 pictures)

Carpet is the most ancient invention of man, which he used not only for warming his home, but also for decorating it. Yurts of nomad tribes and magnificent palaces of kings were decorated with carpets. For many centuries, wool carpet was a symbol of wealth, and manual labor was the only way to make it.

But thanks to the development of modern technology, synthetic carpets appeared, which in quality soon became equal to their wool progenitors. At the same time, synthetic coatings even have advantages over similar products from natural materials, since their care is simpler. And with this statement all people having a carpet with a long nap in the interior of their house will agree.

Most modern buyers want, as a rule, their carpet to be beautiful, soft and cheap.

Often at the same time they prefer those products that fit well into the modern interior. And long pile (or fleecy) carpets are the best choice in this case.

Types of long pile carpets

Shaggy carpets are called, whose pile length is more than three centimeters. This is a relatively large category of such goods, especially machine-made.

Handmade carpets, having a high pile - a rarity especially in the classics. But modern long-pile carpets from both natural and synthetic materials can be easily purchased in any city.

Among the carpeting machine production presented a wide range of similar products, differing in the length of the pile, and in its structure and composition.

In the development of long-pile carpets on automatic machines, as a rule, not wool is used, but various combinations of materials:

  • viscose;
  • cotton;
  • polypropylene;
  • polyamide;
  • acrylic;
  • nylon, etc.

When buying a fleecy carpet, you should always be interested in the composition of which its pile is made, since the main characteristics of this product depend on it: quality, service life and durability.

Depending on the structure and appearance, fleecy carpets are divided into types.


Such carpets have a split pile, for the manufacture of which are used highly twisted same length yarn.


This kind of carpet, sometimes also called "sheggi" or "shaggy". Today it is very popular and in many respects resembles saxony, but it has a longer nap (from five centimeters) and an increased interval between stitches.


This type of carpet consists of thin, highly twisted yarns, thermally treated to give them increased elasticity.

Cat Loop

Carpets of this type have a combined pile: they have high loops cut, while low ones are not.

Recommendations for the use of carpets for the floor when decorating

Properly selected flooring will give the house a special highlight. But the task of the carpet is to complement, not define, the design. Although there may be exceptions to this rule.

Burgundy, red, plain carpets with a long nap may well be part of the interior for the hall, but you need to carefully consider the choice of shade, as well as the design of the product. Also a good option would be to choose a carpet with a zebra pattern. The shape of the carpet is also important. The round and oval carpet with a long nap of blue color will give the room concise, thanks to the smoothing of the corners.

In cases where most of the interior items have a massive base, it is better to cover the floor with relatively small carpets. At the same time, in order for a blue, purple or black carpet with a long nap to look in small-sized rooms is appropriate, it is necessary to leave at least 20 cm gap to the plinths. For spacious rooms, this distance from the walls should be at least 50 cm. The shape of the carpet and its design can be arbitrary.

The fleecy carpet looks good if you put it between furniture. But at the same time it is necessary that the distance from its edge, for example, to the sofa, be 5-10 cm. The best place for the location of the coffee table is in the middle of the palace. And on the carpet there should still be a free space not occupied by furniture legs about 60 cm around the edges.

Carpets can be successfully used to divide into zones in hallways, halls and even bedrooms. At the same time in the same room you can lay on the floor at once several unequal carpet products with different sizes, colors and shapes. It is only necessary that their colors be consistent with each other and with the other elements of the interior.

Carpet for rooms in which there is a lot of saturated purple or green, it is better to choose soothing pastel shades. It can also be black or white, or be zebra-colored. At the same time, in the rooms, the interior of which is made in soothing colors, bright carpets that have an original design will look good. Choosing a carpet with a long nap is also an option if there are leather armchairs and plain furniture in the room.

It is important to take into account the fact that the carpet should be combined with the floor, even if the open part of the floor is very small in size. On the floors painted in cold colors, carpets of warm colors look better. Floors under natural wood is better covered with carpets of natural shades. And for modern type floors (pearl-gray tones or gray-blue and dusty-lilac) carpets with saturated color (lilac, pink, green, burgundy, violet, olive) are preferred.

Recommendations for cleaning the carpet with a long nap

Even if your floors have such a coating, like laminate, linoleum or parquet, the fluffy carpet will still look very impressive on it, making your home even warmer and more comfortable. But long-pile carpets require special attention, because without proper care, which consists in the need for their regular cleaning, such products may cease to be a source of joy. Therefore, almost immediately after their purchase, people begin to wonder: how to clean a carpet with a long nap?

Of course, the best carpet cleaning will be done in dry cleaning. However, if this procedure is required to be performed often enough, then it is possible (including from savings) to try it yourself to restore the carpet to its original appearance.

And in order for the task, which consists in how to clean a carpet with a long pile, turned out to be doable, you need to get a vacuum cleaner, special chemicals for cleaning the carpet, a broom of sufficient rigidity, a soft sponge or rag. Also needed salt, ammonia, 6% vinegar.

How to start cleaning the carpet with a long nap? In all cases, such a fleecy product, first of all, must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. And this must be done at least twice in seven to ten days.

The vacuum cleaner removes dust and a small amount of dirt. Well, if the carpet is very dirty, then it should be knocked out on the street, and in winter you can try to clean it with snow using an additional hard broom or brush.

Then, after removing most of the dirt by physical means, the carpet can be further cleaned using special shampoos and detergents, for example, "Vanish", "Kovrol" or "Vorsinka". But since the composition of these drugs includes alkali, then, so as not to deteriorate the color of the product, it is not recommended to abuse them.

Housewives sometimes use carpet cleaning and table salt, which returns carpets to freshness, and colors - brightness and saturation. To do this, they sprinkle the surface of the carpet product with ordinary edible salt, which is then removed with a hard broom, sometimes dipping it into a soap solution at room temperature or a little warmer. Instead of salt, sawdust, used welding, and bran can also be used. Complete the cleaning procedure by knocking out carpet.

You can try to clean the white carpet with a long nap using a solution containing soda and vinegar. For its preparation, vinegar (1 tablespoon. 6-9% solution) and the same amount by volume of soda must be added to a liter jar filled with water, and mix thoroughly. In order to clean the dirt from the surface of the carpet, you must rub the carpet with a stiff brush, periodically dipping it into a pre-prepared solution. The advantages of this rather efficient way are that all the components used are absolutely safe and readily available.