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Children's wallpaper: the criteria for the correct choice (52 photos)


Children's wallpaper - a popular type of decoration in the interior design for kids. The material has a lot of advantages, presented in a huge range of models with interesting design for both girls and boys.



Wallpaper in the nursery: exploring varieties

Interior decoration for the younger generation is classified according to the composition of the material and design.

Paper wallpaper

Environmentally impeccable type of lining, products are presented in a single-layer and multi-layered design, in a wide variety of solutions. The material does not have high strength characteristics, is implemented in an inexpensive segment. Children's paper wallpaper relevant in the arrangement of rooms for newborns and fidget younger.

Choosing among the current proposals, you must consider the following points:

  • age of the child;
  • floor;
  • the nature of the activity;
  • Chad's taste preferences;
  • characteristics of the finishing material;
  • purpose of the room;
  • the location of the room relative to the cardinal points;
  • interior style.

Among the characteristics of finishing require special attention to environmental friendliness of the material, hypoallergenic and easy care. If the room has windows to the south, then during the interior design they prefer cold shades. In the space with the location of the windows to the north - the priority is the decoration in warm colors.

Wallpaper in the nursery with special functionality

A separate category of coatings is used as an original surface for creativity. In the children's interior fashion are beautiful wallpapers, which are made in the form of coloring. The child can use pencils or felt-tip pens and show their creative potential with their parents or on their own.

Another type of functional finish is magnetic wallpaper. Present the child to the opportunity to create interesting compositions with the help of funny magnetic pictures or figures on a dedicated section of the wall. To do this, you need to glue a part of the available surface with magnetic wallpaper, considering the growth of the child.




Another way to create favorable conditions for the development of the creative potential of the baby is to allocate a zone for drawing on the wall. Most often, the lower part of the surface is made with wallpaper for creativity, where the child can demonstrate his abilities with the help of colored chalk, pencils or felt-tip pens. When finishing the upper plane of the wall, they use neutral shades.




In the interior of the karapuz of the most tender age, a special comfort is needed, which is created, including with the help of wallpaper of muted tones. At arrangement of a bedroom for newborns and fidget under 2 years old paper options of finishing with not striking pattern in one-colored execution or compositions from two colors of conformable scale are actual.

In the life of a child of 2-5 years, every day is filled with new events, the child studies the environment, knows the world. The interior is designed in accordance with age-related changes and the dynamics of the emotional development of the baby. If the room is intended for a tomboy, which is hyperactive, then it is recommended to finish in soothing colors. Green wallpaper in the nursery helps to neutralize the excessive activity of fidget; you should also use the background in soft cream or gray-blue shades.

The color of the wallpaper in the nursery for the offspring of 5-7 years is chosen in a neutral scale, during this period the options for drawing coverage or magnetic canvas are relevant. Scarce is preparing for school, in this transitional stage, decent conditions are needed to adapt to new activities and interests.

The young generation of 7-12 years and older is actively involved in the selection of colors and prints for interior solutions. Girls like emotionally saturated patterns and images in delicate shades of pink, golden background, juicy fruit and berry colors. Boys prefer brutal compositions with courageous cartoon characters or episodes of computer games in bright colors.




Little princesses adore the atmosphere of a fairy tale, prefer delicate shades in their surroundings. Modern wallpapers for girls' bedrooms are made according to the design requirements, pastel shades of yellow, pink, lilac, green dominate in the design. In the trend of interior fashion combined wallpaper for the children's room. At the same time, cloths of different textures, colors and patterns alternate.

Combine monophonic finish and striped wallpaper in the nursery for the girl. Interesting combinations of paintings with episodes from a fairy tale and the image of soap bubbles. Choosing pink wallpaper in the nursery, you can add a composition trim in neutral gray with a simple pattern.




Wallpaper in the interior for a boy

Young naughty kids are interested in pirate paraphernalia, fantasy characters, galaxy secrets and technology. The traditional solution - wallpaper with cars in the children's boy, made in gray-blue tones. For a young man, they choose a techno-style finish, an abstract theme, with a complex geometric pattern or an industrial style.




The current trend in interior fashion in the unisex style involves the design in neutral colors and patterns, which is also important when arranging a room for children of different sexes. Apply gray wallpaper, options for paintings in striped, beige, yellow or green design. Popular prints, geometric ornaments, abstract images. Polka dots in the nursery for girls and boys can be combined with a monochromatic beige finish.






If necessary, apply wallpaper for the child’s room of a boy and a girl as a tool for space zoning:

  • the surface of the wall near the bed of the little princess is decorated with wall murals with a story from a favorite fairy tale;
  • part of the canvas above the boy’s bed is decorated with fantasy-style decoration;
  • the rest of the wall surface is performed in a monochromatic background of a neutral shade.

Choosing a wallpaper in the nursery for children of different sexes, pay attention to the proposals with the image of flora and fauna. Young researchers like pictures of feathered and shaggy creatures, cute kittens and cute parrots. Exotic tropics with the inhabitants of the jungle or the depths of the sea with octopuses and jellyfish also arouse heightened interest among future geniuses.

There is a great demand for wallpaper with stars in the nursery, which decorate the ceiling or walls of the bedroom.




Children's interior styles

Space for small households is made in a different style. In this case, the decoration of the walls serves as a general background, so it is important to choose the right wallpaper of the desired design.

Country style

The design of paintings in this category is designed in a comfortable natural way. Products in country style are presented by soft shades of natural scale. Country wallpapers are natural materials, plant and animal motifs. The bedroom for the baby of the most tender age is often made out of finishing in this style, the meaning of which is tranquility and tenderness. The same success is used wallpaper in the style of country in the bedroom of little princesses and romantic beauties of the older age group.

In the arrangement of the walls in the interior of the country used two types of wallpaper with a different print on a single surface. At the same time, from the floor to the middle of the height of the plane they decorate the canvas with one pattern, and the second half of the wall to the ceiling - with a coating with a different design. The joint line between two different versions of the finishing material is made with a border of consonant execution.






Loft style

Characteristic features of the actual style for the interior of a teenager are the abundance of light, spaciousness and raw walls. Most often, 3D ideas with a brickwork texture or textured wallpaper are used to translate ideas. Among the variety of offers it is easy to choose an imitation with the texture of tile or street tile, slate or stone massifs.

Marine style

Solutions in the classic color scheme with actual attributes in the form of oars, ships, anchors and hand wheels find application in arranging interiors for both tomboy boys and mischievous girls. Marine style wallpapers are most often performed with thematic prints, while simple two-color versions in the marine palette are no less popular.

In the design of the rooms of boys are popular wallpaper, which have images on the theme of sea robbers. This and "Jolly Roger" in the form of a skull with bones, and a pirate's hat, and the famous blindfold, and a sailboat with a boarding weapon.




Classic in the interior of the nursery

Vertical stripes, a floral print, an unobtrusive cell and even Chinese motifs are relevant in children's wallpaper of classical style. The palette features tones such as beige and ocher, lavender gray and blue, salmon and rose quartz.

In contrast to the solutions for the interior of adults, the versions for the rooms of small households are made in discreet, but saturated colors.